Downloadable MMS Seminar Home Video Course

Download Downloadable MMS Seminar Home Video Course
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English MMS
Home Video Course

We are now offering a downloadable MMS home video course. It will be much cheaper because we have eliminated the shipping and can be viewed immediate on-line or downloaded to your personal PC! English will be the first language available. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, and Thai are all in the process of being completed soon. 

Jim's new book, “Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millenniumis also being translated in many languages as an e Book. If you take this course, you will be able to protect  yourself and your loved ones from the threat of 95% of the world's diseases. We want this information in the homes of everyone in the world as quick as possible. Help us see that a reality.

MMS Home Video Courses include:

  1. New MMS Video

  2. All up to date MMS Instructional and Protocol videos. (Including "making of CDS").

  3. Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millenniumebook.

  4. MMS Seminar Workbook (Health Sacraments Workbook)

  5. MMS Seminar exam.

  6. Upon Completion of the Home Video Course, One free year membership in the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing with membership I.D. Card, (sent to your address).

  7. Certificate of Completion of MMS Seminar, (Downloadable PDF).

  8. Minister of Health Certificate with Reverend I.D. card  - (I.D. card sent to your address).

  9. Certificate of Authorization to start a Genesis II Church chapter, (Downloadable PDF).

  10. Special Health Minister newsletters from Genesis II Church.

  11. Constant updates, news and much much more!

Get this course and study the information as quickly as you can!! Study hard because this could save your life and the lives of your loved one!

Note: You might need Winrar to unpack some files.
Available for free download at

We recommend VLC Player for watching our video seminar.

After you finish the course, take the exam and submit it to our support team at and you will be “One of our kind”.

Let's change the world together!
Bishop Mark S. Grenon


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