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6 Must-Know Tips for How to Improve WiFi Signal and Performance

Sluggish and slow wifi is one of the worst things you can experience. 

For some reason, your wifi always seems to slow down right in the middle of your Netflix binge or when you are watching that pivotal game. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to improve your wifi and never deal with the frustration of seeing the loading circle again. 

Improve wifi signal and boost performance with these 6 tips. 

1. Update Your Security

An easy way to a better wifi signal is to update your home network security. An open network allows anyone to connect to your network, use your wifi (for free!), and weaken your signal in the process. Creating a strong password will add a layer of security to your system and stop unauthorized people from using your wifi. 

2. Centralize Your Wireless Router

Strengthen your wifi signal by changing the location of your router. 

While many people may “hide” their router so it can’t be seen, this will impact your router’s ability to broadcast to your home. Place the router in a clear space without any obstructions. You also want to place it in a central area, like a mantle and as high up as possible, such as the second floor in your home. 

3. Update Your Router

A great tip for boosting your wifi signal is to update your router. 

Just like a computer, an old router may not be working as well simply due to its age. Call your internet provider and make sure you have the most updated version of your router. You can also upgrade your router if you are not getting a good signal. 

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4. Make Sure You Are on a Clear Channel

If you’ve been wondering how to get a better wifi signal check to make sure you are on a clear channel. Just like a busy street at rush hour, the channel you are using can get congested if you are in a densely populated area. Your router should automatically select the clearest channel available but may not, causing you to have to change it manually

5. Use a Cable Signal Booster

If you have cable internet, boosting wifi can be as simple as using a cable signal booster. Much like the wifi router channel, a congested neighborhood can result in a weaker cable signal and slow and sluggish wifi. A cable signal booster acts as an amplifier to improve your signal strength and give you the best wifi signal possible. 

6. Hire a Professional

If you’ve done all you can with no real effect on your WiFi Sensor, consider hiring a professional. Wifi, internet, routers, channels, firmware…it all can be overwhelming for a tech novice who is unsure of what to do next. Leaving the hard tasks to the professional will ensure the result is exactly what you want. 

How to Improve Wifi Signal: The Bottom Line

By implementing these tips to improve wifi signal, you’ll be enjoying fast and smooth wifi in no time.

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