how to stay awake at work

How to Stay Awake At Work: 4 Amazing Methods for Keeping Your Energy

What’s the Energizer Bunny’s secret?

Well, since humans can’t run on batteries just yet, you’ll have to rely on other methods to keep going and going and going…

The good news is those other methods do work. Here’s how to stay awake at work and keep your energy levels stable throughout the day.

1. Tummy TLC

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel sleepy after lunch? It may not look like it but digestion requires a lot of energy.

So if your digestive system is using up all that energy to break down the food you ate, what will your brain use? Remember, your brain needs a steady supply of glucose for it to run at its best.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat altogether. You can’t work all day and not eat. But you can eat the right foods at the right time so your mind and body don’t feel sluggish.

For your breakfast, opt for meals that have fiber, some fat and protein, and complex carbs. During lunch, avoid heavy meals. And if you’re craving “bad” carbs, balance them with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

Last but not the least, limit your intake of soy, dairy, and gluten. Not only can they make you feel sluggish. These foods will make you bloated, too.

2. Work It!

Diet is one part of the how to stay energized equation. You also have to incorporate some exercise in your day to keep your energy levels from dropping.

Plus, working out isn’t only good for your body. It also helps with your memory and thinking skills. Best of all, you don’t need to train for a marathon or get into CrossFit to enjoy the brain-boosting benefits.

Try to be creative – bike to work or do some deskercise. Don’t forget to hydrate and pack healthy post-workout snacks.

3. Go Natural

Eating right is easier said than done. The problem is if you don’t watch what you eat, you could be missing out on essential vitamins. Vitamins that help you stay awake, energized, and happy!

While there’s no substitute for a good diet, supplementation may be an option. There are also natural herbs you might want to know more about. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before taking any supplements or herbal formulations.

4. Don’t Get Sick

Knowing how to stay energized is useless if you keep getting sick. If it seems like you’re always battling a cold, it’s time to think about boosting your immune system.

Aside from eating right and working out, make sure to sleep well. Your immune system suffers when your body doesn’t get enough rest.

And if you smoke, stop. You can’t out-exercise or flush out cigarette toxins with fruits and vegetables. You should also limit your alcohol intake as too much will suppress your immune system.

How to Stay Awake at Work: What Tips Will You Try?

What’s the secret to staying awake at work? None. There’s no secret.

You can’t try one how to stay awake at work tip and call it a day. Do all the tips we mentioned here so you can power through your day, every day.

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