Family Photo Poses

Memories to Last a Lifetime: 10 Easy Family Photo Poses

In 2020, over 1.4 trillion photos were snapped, which shows we love flexing our photography skills.

Having a family photoshoot is a fantastic way to bond, capture valuable memories, and make everyone feel like they belong. Perhaps you’re about to have a shoot, but you’re stumped for fun, creative poses.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 family photo poses to try. 

1. Taking a Stroll

One of the best family photo poses is to take a stroll. Couples can hold each other’s hands and walk towards the camera for a beautiful candid shot. But make sure you move; otherwise, it could look stilted. 

If you’ve got a little one, place them between their parents for a natural pose. You can even hold up your child for a playful look. Or, if there are two kids, then ask a parent to carry one each.   

2. Sitting in a Diagonal Line 

A reputable family photographer knows that sitting subjects in a diagonal line creates a wonderful photo. It sparks visual interest and is far more memorable than everyone sitting side by side. 

The photographer can even snap a photo of everyone from above, either as a group or individually. Or, you can get a shot from below and zoom in on your family’s faces. 

3. Goofing Around

If you’re worried about how to make a great family photo pose, ask everyone to be themselves.

Play with little ones as the photo is being taken, such as asking a toddler to pass through the legs of their parents. You’re guaranteed to get natural, winning smiles from everyone. 

4. Side by Side 

After easy family photo poses? 

Ask everyone to sit by the side but, to make it more interesting, squeeze together with an arm draped over one another. Remember to loosen up and be silly to create a memorable photoshoot. 

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You can also spice up the sitting pose by forming a train. This is where each member sits behind one another, from the shortest to the tallest. It’s the photographer’s responsibility to check that no one is blocking anyone else. 

Note, avoid poses where the adults loom over small children as it will look disjointed. As a result, there won’t be any emotion to capture, and the photographer must use a wider lens.

Instead, find ways to bring everyone to a similar height as it will create more emotional interactions. 

5. Lean Against a Wall 

To elevate your family photos, ask the group to lean against a wall. You can either cover it with a white cloth for a crisp backdrop or a stone wall covered in vines. Or swap it out for a tree.

This is a popular pose because leaning back feels more natural rather than standing with nothing around you. There’s also plenty of creative freedom with this pose. For instance, if you have a baby, you could hold them up or ask your child to stand atop the wall with parents supporting them.  

6. Sit Down Together 

Stumped for family photo pose ideas?

Grab a blanket and get everyone to sit together in a huddle. The photographer should be on their knees, so they’re eye-level with the family. Further, make sure there are no gaps; otherwise, it signifies disconnection, the last thing you want with a family photo.

And choose a clean, clutter-free location. For example, if you’re in a park, then make sure there isn’t litter strewn across the grass or dilapidated trees in the frame. 

7. Hug in the Middle

There’s no better way to express family love than with a giant hug. Get the little one to go in the middle and ask parents to embrace them from either side as it looks natural. You can also snap a photo of one parent and the child, so you have multiple family photos.  

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Or ask your little one to kiss their parent’s cheek and vise versa as it will capture their bond.

8. Lay Down

Ask the family to lay down on a colorful picnic blanket. It’s a great way to show everyone’s close relationship, and you can experiment with different positions until you’re happy. But if you’re at the beach, put a plastic sheet underneath the blanket, so the sand doesn’t stick.  

Get creative with your photoshoot by choosing patterned fabrics, colorful ottomans, and cushions. It’s also a great opportunity to invite the family pets into the photo as it’s another interaction to capture. 

9. Classic Pose

Although it’s not as creative, the classic pose should be in every family’s photo album. If you’re a couple, then get into a v-up pose as it creates intimacy.

Or, if there are multiple family members, then consider putting everyone in rows. Just make sure the shortest are at the front. This works well seated too.    

10. Lift the Baby

Give your youngest the spotlight by making them the focal point. Slowly lift your baby because you don’t want them to be sick, and be careful as you do it. The photographer should shoot this at eye level and with a fast shutter speed to capture the moment.

Those Are the Top Family Photo Poses

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have family photo poses ready. 

Create visual interest by pretending to go for a stroll, lifting your little one, or when you’re goofing around. You can also pose when laying down, seated, or leaned against a wall, depending on your preference. Happy shooting!

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