What to Wear to Paintball to Stay Protected

Did you know that paintball was first invented in 1981?

Although people have only been playing paintball for a few decades, it’s already become an iconic sport. Lots of people feel too intimidated to try paintball, but the truth is that anyone can have a blast if they show up prepared.

Are you wondering, “What do I wear to paintball?” Keep reading for the ultimate guide on what to wear to paintball so you can have fun and stay safe.

1. A Paintball Mask or Goggles

When it comes to paintball essentials, nothing is more important than a paintball mask or goggles. A paintball mask can give you the most protection from head shots, but goggles can also work well if you want something more lightweight.

It’s best to try to avoid getting hit in the head at all, but this gear will give you peace of mind that you won’t get injured badly.

2. Gloves

Gloves are also important paintball equipment because your hands are another big target when you’re out playing paintball. You’ll need your hands to stay in top condition so you can operate your gun, so you don’t want to forget this gear.

3. A Paintball Jersey or Long-Sleeved Shirt

Wearing jerseys that are designed for paintball will give you the most security, but you can still get away with wearing other tops that are loose and provide lots of coverage. If it won’t be too hot outside, then you might even want to consider wearing a sweatshirt since the bagginess can help soften the blows.

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4. A Vest

Since paintballs can travel up to 200 miles per hour, you should invest in as much protection as you can. Getting hit in the chest can hurt a lot and even knock the wind out of you, which affects your performance.

5. Paintball Pants

Like jerseys, paintball pants are designed to give you the most protection and comfort while you play. However, you can still choose to wear other pants that are loose and flexible like sweatpants.

6. A Baseball Cap

While a hat isn’t necessary, many players enjoy that extra layer around their heads. A baseball cap is lightweight but it can shelter the top of your head where a traditional paintball mask wouldn’t cover.

7. Hiking Boots

Lots of people don’t know which type of footwear is ideal for paintball. While you can do fine wearing any athletic shoes, you should opt for hiking boots if possible.

Since you’ll be running around in uneven terrain and face lots of stress, your chances of falling and twisting your ankle are higher. This is why getting hiking boots that provide stability for your ankles is beneficial. 

Now You Know What to Wear to Paintball

Learning what to wear to paintball will ensure that every trip will be exciting and safe. By following this paintball checklist, you can show up to the course with confidence.

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