best sex toys for couples

How To Spice Up Your Life With The Best Sex Toys For Couples

If you’re in a relationship, you’re going to have times where the sex just isn’t as good as it once was.

You’re first thought is probably, “No way, I’m fantastic in the sac.” While that may be true, do you remember the first time that you had ice cream? The first time anyone tries vanilla ice cream (or, if you don’t like vanilla ice cream, pick your treat of choice), they think it’s the greatest thing in the world.

But imagine if you had to eat vanilla ice cream every day of your life while you watched others munch on Rocky Road and Sorbet. We are all vanilla ice cream, depressing as it may sound, but who said we couldn’t add any sprinkles and chocolate syrup?

The point is that we need to spice it up every now and then. Here are the best sex toys for couples.

Best Sex Toys For Couples

Not all sex toys have to be scary. A lot of people immediately jump to images of BDSM when they hear the word “sex toy.” These are perfectly normal, natural, and healthy things for couples to introduce in the bedroom.

With that out of the way, perk up your ears because you probably need the items listed below.

1. Male Masturbators

The vibrator is old news. Well, that’s not true, it’s fantastic, but everyone knows about it. That’s the female masturbator, while male masturbators are a little different.

The best male masturbator on the market is, without question, the Tenga Flip Hole. All accounts state that the product is very intuitive and easy to clean, but most importantly it feels ridiculously amazing. Funny enough, if you leave it out after you and your partner have sex, anyone who sees it will probably think that it’s just some kind of speaker.

It can be used by the male alone, or a partner can use it on him. In any case, the sensation will be a great treat for whoever it’s used on.

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2. Pocket Vibrator

I know we kind of insulted vibrators before, but there’s actually a lot you can do with one that you wouldn’t imagine. Find a vibrator that works for you and your partner, and explore your options.

The vibration can feel great on a penis while a partner performs oral sex, and, if you’re willing to branch out a bit, you can work your way around the anus as you see fit. Improving your sex life is going to require you to do new things.

It’s just your anus, not the TajMahal, you’re not going to break anything. Be careful, though. If you’re in the mood for a vibrator, The Playroom has everything you need.

3. Get Out of the Bedroom

The Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh! is a device that will allow you and your partner to extend foreplay throughout the day until you get home. Essentially, it works with a device attached to her panties that rests inside of her vagina. This little guy is connected via wireless connection to a button that her partner can push at any time.

That means that you can start or stop pleasure whenever you want, for as long as you want. The only trick is that the panties and the device have to be within twenty feet of each other for the connection to work. Additionally, it has 5 speeds that gradually increase, allowing you to really tease and turn your partner on.

4. Sexual Board Games

If you’re not feeling quite inspired enough to conjure up your own sex games, let the professionals do it for you. Sexual board games are cheap, easy, and direct. They’re full of different positions, teasing tactics, and other erotic moves that will have you feeling those butterflies again.

There are a lot of games out there, each growing in their level of intimacy, so make sure you choose the game that suits you and your partner. Oh, we forgot to mention that some of them are fantasy-based, so you’re in luck if you’ve got any weird kinks.

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5. Find Some Fancy Lubricant

Lubricant doesn’t just reduce friction. Lubricants nowadays have a lot of capabilities that they didn’t have back in the day. Whether you’re looking to feel some hot/cold sensations or you have a penchant for a certain flavor, there’s bound to be a few lubricants out there that would do you well.

6. Put a Wedge in It

When you look at the physics of it all, we might not be equipped to maximize our pleasure. Well, maybe not without a little help.

The Liberator Wedge is a simple, pillow-like object that allows your partner to sit or lie in a way that allows the G-spot or prostate to be most effectively accessed. That’s right, deeper penetration. The Wedge can also do someone well for solo masturbation with a toy.

A nice thing about this device is that you don’t have to worry about any weird cleaning up or gross stains, things that nobody wants to acknowledge. You simply remove the zip-off cover and throw it in the washing machine.

Get a Porn Subscription

You could try and watch porn on a free website, but who knows what kind of stuff is lurking out there. Buying a porn subscription is a safe bet. You know the videos will be high-quality, and most general sites don’t have anything that will be to shocking to see while you’re scrolling.

Most sites have an option to buy a one-day trial for a dollar or two if you want to just check it out and see if it’s right for you and your partner. This isn’t really a toy, which is why it doesn’t get a number, but it is still a viable option.

Don’t Stop in the Bedroom

Hopefully, you enjoyed our list of the best sex toys for couples. If you did, don’t stop there.

Try and find ways to improve all aspects of you and your partner’s life. If you’re in need of some life hacks and personal tips, we have everything you need.