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Brilliant Casino Hacks to Beat the Odds

The very nature of gambling is a risk. This is one of the many reasons why millions of people are so enamored by it.

In fact, why millions around the world have a gambling addiction. Add in the fact that it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it’s easy to see why people want to learn to beat the house.

Yet, “beating the system” and taking down the house, is a lot easier said than done. This is where learning unique casino hacks from insiders who know the industry comes in. This is what will allow you to cash in the next time you visit Las Vegas or a small local casino in your hometown.

By learning the best ways to gamble, from industry experts, and casino connoisseurs, you can tap into the profits casinos are raking in.

Casino Hacks

Projections state that the industry will exceed $21 billion in revenues, by 2020. Gamblers and casual gamers alike wouldn’t mind earning their fair share of this jackpot.

We could all use a few simple gambling tricks to help us beat the odds, beat the house, and take some cash home. Always better than leaving the casino with less than we came in with.

So, what exactly does it take to beat the house? How can you land that magic number on the roulette wheel or beat the dealer at the poker table? Where can you turn to learn how to hack casino games?

Planning, practice, and use of the right resources is a good place to start!
We’ve put together a few tips to help you beat the dealer at the blackjack, play the slots to win, or roll a pair of snake eyes at the craps table.

These simple tips will help you play like a pro. It will also prevent the money hangover at the end of a long weekend trip to Vegas.

Is it Possible to Beat the Casino?

You’ve heard of stories of players who dedicated their lives to cheating the system, only to lose it all. But, there are also those rare cases where good gamblers can quit their full-time career.

They can make millions playing professional poker year-round.
Casino games are games of chance but still have rules and techniques. Most aren’t willing to learn the casino hacks to these games and how to raise the odds of winning.

Here are some of the techniques and systems professionals use to win in the casino. Anyone can, and should, use them to increase your odds of winning, without cheating the house.

Throw Those Dice Right!

Craps is one of the few games that puts you in control of your fate. You are the one rolling the dice, singing a song, blowing on the dice for good luck; but, these little superstitions are only going to get you so far.

It may surprise you that there is a dice rolling technique that will get you better odds of rolling winners. It will help you land those snake eyes every roll, and leave others at the table, and the craps dealer in awe.

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A craps table uses rubber edges on the back wall of the table to influence your dice rolls. This keeps it so the dice won’t roll the same time every time. The design should keep the dice from landing in the same way over and over.

Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio uses science to get around this. He claims to have the secret behind dice throwing, guaranteed to land the perfect roll every time.

Using physics theories, he suggests it’s more about how you hold the dice when you throw a winner. Hold the two dice side by side, in a manner which neither of the two sides adds up to seven.

You then want to throw the dice underhand with as little force as possible to hit the back wall. This gives the dice the least amount of contact with those rubber edges.

The dice give most of the force to the hard table first. This means less turning and less chance of hitting a seven.

Don’t limit your play

Everyone has their favorite game at the casino. You may love blackjack, or you might be the penny slot addict who can sit there for hours. If you’re going to the casino for the fun of it then stick to your favorites.

Wanna win big? Get up from your favorite game and circle the room. Exhaust all your options! To win big in a casino you have to increase your odds by playing all kinds of different games.

You’ve got claw machines, you can play all night on the pokies, poker tables, blackjack, even scratch-off tickets and lotto pools you can join.

Most of these are predictable and follow a pattern; and, many even tell you the odds of winning on the tickets. So, use these when you play.

You might not win millions in one sitting, but it’s a good way to build up your foundation. You could even learn to love playing online games, as much as playing the traditional casino tables.

Read The Deck

We have all seen Rain Man. Counting cards is, well, against the rules. Those casino cameras are watching to make sure you’re not doing it. Most casinos use a 3-4 deck rack to make this almost impossible.

But, read the back of playing cards is a simple tactic and it’s not against the rules.

Best of all, this tactic doesn’t need math tricks, algorithms, or complex physics theorems, for you to use it.

The back of playing cards can tell a player plenty about the face of the cards. An infamous gambler, Phil Ivey, utilized this tactic to win millions.

Some brands of decks use back designs that vary in tiny ways between face cards and numbered cards. These differences are very slight but if you find a small-time casino that uses them it could help you win.

The big houses won’t be using these decks but your small hometown casino may not pay attention to these tiny details. This trick is best used for blackjack since your odds of winning are better if the dealer doesn’t have a face card.

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The House Always Wins Or Does It?

This is what we’ve learned from most casino films or watching the World Series of Poker on TV. Yet, there are some games which the house is far more likely to win.
Three-card poker, Caribbean Stud, or Double Exposure Blackjack come with bigger payouts. This also means bigger losses.

By knowing which games come with more (or less) risks, you can better approach the manner in which you play. This lets you create a pattern of play which not only allows you to win but makes casino play more enjoyable as well.
Most of these types of games have lower payouts.

You’re more likely to win on the $1 buy-in table games than the $500 buy-in tables. So, while you may win more hands, you’ll profit a bit less.

This still adds us though if it keeps you playing, drinking, and having fun all night rather than going bust after 10 minutes. Staying in the black for 2 or 3 hours could see you double or triple your money.

Use The Casino Offers

Comps, freebies, no deposit bonuses, and others are out there. Most people simply don’t use them when they’re playing on and offline casino games.

Some casinos offer player’s clubs, sign up for these as well. These are also offered with online casinos, so use them if you’re an online player.

These offers are basically free money. You can play longer, build up larger jackpots, and even win larger payouts because you start the night with a bigger bank.

Weekly bonuses and online promotions are also available for online play. If you’re a member of the player’s club, the casino will reward you. They sometimes give free plays or an extra amount of winnings.

Another great advantage of being part of a player’s club is the data you get to track. Tracking how much you earn, how much you spend, where you play, where you lose, etc.

More often than not, repetition is going to lead to success. If you see you always lose on a particular machine, or that you win the most at a particular table, you can adjust.

This means more wins and fewer losses because you fine-tuned your approach.

Gambling Is Still Gambling But It’s Nice To Win More

There’s no guarantee you’ll win when you walk into a casino. But, these casino hacks, when used right, can make a huge difference in that win to loss column.

Whether you’re new to gambling or have been frequenting your favorite casino for several years, these tricks will give you a leg up.

There are so many ways to play and with the right tactics and approach you can you can earn more, play more, and take home that jackpot the next time you hit up your favorite casino.

If you’re looking for other financial tips and advice, check out our blog which provides invaluable resources to our readers.