things to do when the power goes out

The Top 7 Entertaining Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

In today’s technology-driven world, a power outage can make your world look dark pretty quickly.

Without light, computers, WiFi, chargers, or other electronic luxuries, you might find yourself at a loss for what to do. But before you resign yourself to hours of sitting alone in a dark room flicking a flashlight on and off–don’t lose hope.

There’s a whole world of entertainment out there that’s doesn’t require electricity at all. Here are the top 7 things to do when the power goes out–so you can hang on to your sanity for just a little while longer.

1. Read a Book

This kind of reading doesn’t require a Kindle or a smartphone. All you need are some candles or a flashlight to relax with a book of your choice.

Don’t have any light? Worried that the power outage will last too long? Check out this website to learn more about how you can cut your outage short.

2. Get Some Exercise

Whether you’re at home or work, your body will thank you if you take a break to walk, bike ride, or exercise. A power outage is a great opportunity to get out of your chair or off your couch and into the outdoors.

3. Start a Bonfire

If you have an indoors or outdoors fireplace, make good use of it. You can invite some friends over, sit around the fire with your family, or just enjoy it by yourself.

Roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs or potatoes over the fire and tell some ghost stories to pass the time.

4. Take the Time to Organize

What better time to clean the house than when you have no other distractions? As long as you can make use of natural light or battery powered light, you can clean up your house, sweep the floor, and organize your shelves.

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5. Take a Nap

Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to set your alarm and sleep right through the power outage. Whether you’re taking a nap or just going to bed early, you’ll feel a lot better after a few hours of self-care.

Besides, by that time, the power might be back up again!

6. Write a Letter

When was the last time you wrote a real letter? Now that you can’t write an email or a text, sit down and write a letter to somebody. It can be your parents, your best friend, your future self–or even your favorite celebrity.

Whether you send it or not, it can be a great exercise in self-reflection.

7. Make Yourself a Snack

If the power outage is going to last a while, this is a great time for you to raid the refrigerator. Eat some perishable foods that don’t require cooking–like leftovers, sandwiches, or something that you can roast over a fire.

Worried about how long your foods will last? Make sure you know the shelf-life of your food–and keep your fridge shut as much as possible to preserve the temperature.

Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

Just because the power goes out doesn’t mean you have to lay around for hours doing nothing. There’s plenty to do around the house–even without WiFi or your cell phone.

With this list of things to do when the power goes out, you’ll never run out of entertainment ideas.

Looking for more tips and tricks to keep yourself entertained? Check out our site for more helpful life hacks.

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