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4 Tech Hacks You Wish You’d Always Known That’ll Revolutionize Your Work Life

Working is hard enough without the distractions that the internet gives you. Through the daily slog, you may not realize you lose up to three hours a day browsing the internet at work.

And work is hard enough without falling down Reddit and Facebook click-holes. Not only do distractions make work that much harder, but so can your computer when you actually try to do something.

If you need to copy and paste text, then you know how annoying it can be when its formatting follows it. Not to mention how difficult it can get to concentrate when people start talking on your group’s messaging service. It can feel like you need tech hacks just to get work done.

If you think you need some tips to stay productive at work, keep reading below! These are four of the best and easiest tips to keep you focused.

1. Getting Rid of Text Formatting With the URL Bar

You’re already using your browser to surf the internet during work hours, why not make it work for you?

Most employees need to copy and paste text at some point during their day. It’s best to get in the practice of pasting it into the URL bar and copying it again. Then the text will be ready for you to put it in your document.

The URL bar takes away any of the text’s formatting. That way, you paste it with weird spacing issues or in a weird font. The URL makes it into something called ‘plaintext,’ which is just what it sounds like. Plain text, no formatting.

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2. “Do Not Disturb” You While Your Working

When you just need to totally focus on something, it’s best to put your devices on do not disturb. The mode is meant to be used at night, so you can sleep soundly. But it also works to help you focus at work.

The mode is easily accessible on all devices. On iPhones, it’s a part of the pull-up menu. Android has it on its pull-down menu, all the setting’s details can be confusing.

3. Control, Shift and T to Bring Back a Tab

Ever close a tab and immediately regret it? Rather than scouring the internet to find the right page again, there’s a simple solution.

All you need to do is hold “ctrl,” “shift,” and the letter “t” to reopen it. On Macs, you just need to press “cmd,” “shift,” and the letter “t.” This will instantly open the tab you closed previously, without making you search for it through your history or on Google.

4. Take Full Control of Your TV

Finally, it can be annoying not to be in full control of your television. There may be a channel you want to watch or show you want to stream, but you can’t. It might be on at the wrong time, or it may not be available in your region.

There are software and hardware to help you with that. It involves a bit of harder hacking, though. For example, the siptv eu app gives you a lot of control of your TV.

However, you need to know a bit of networking and your devices’ MAC addresses for it to work though. Luckily, it comes with a handy walkthrough!

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These are Just Some of the Most Useful Tech Hacks

There are a lot more out there that will make your work life, and your personal one, a lot better. What’s even better is that these aren’t even technically tech hacks.

They’re features that developers program into their creations. They may not be well known, but they are invaluable for saving your productivity.

And with all that time saved, you have more time to spend reading articles online. Not only can they help you learn ways to save some time, but they can also help you find creative solutions for your work. Keep reading here for more hacks and tricks to help you take full control of your life!