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5 Easy Sex Hacks to Heat Up the Bedroom

Are you looking for ways to improve your relationship? Do you wish your love life was spicier, sexier, more fulfilling?

If so, you’re not alone. A recent survey found that at least 42% of us desire to spice up our sex lives with our significant other.

But where do you start? What if you’ve fallen into the same routine for years? How do you go about changing that?

In this post, we’ll reveal five sex hacks guaranteed to rev up your love life. Read on!

1. Don’t Be Shy

Like every other aspect of relationships, communication is key.

Granted, it may feel a little embarrassing to talk about sex openly if you’re not used to it. But how else will you learn what your partner is thinking, feeling, or wanting?

Want to add a little dirty talk? Experiment with a new position? Try a few naughty body care products in bed?

Whatever you have in mind, voice your thoughts. You might be pleasantly surprised at your partner’s reaction!

2. Learn Your Geography

No, we’re not talking about a literal roadmap. We’re talking about female anatomy–and it’s one of our most critical sex hacks.

Guys often get a bad rap for not being familiar enough with a woman’s pleasure zones. But the truth is that 44% of women can’t identify their own basic internal anatomy either.

If you and your partner can’t identify the clitoris and G-spot (and know what to do once you find them), you’ve got yourselves a grown-up homework assignment.

3. Keep Sexual Tension Simmering

In long-term relationships, it’s all too common for the initial passion to “fade.” Couples that once had sex every day eventually find themselves doing it once a week–or once a month.

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Sound familiar? Don’t despair. Rather than feeling like you always have to persuade your partner into sex (or vice versa), keep the idea of sex simmering in the background throughout the day.

Flirt with each other. Send a sexy photo when you step out of the shower. Linger a little longer when you kiss each other goodbye.

Through these subtle, suggestive displays of affection, you’ll keep that sexual tension active for hours–not just in the moments leading up to intercourse.

4. Don’t Rush It

Our lives are super-busy. We’re used to hurrying from one activity to the next–and sex can be no different.

Rather than viewing it as one more item to tick off your weekly checklist, slow down. Sex shouldn’t feel like a chore or an obligation. It should be your chance to slow down, forget about the outside world, and reconnect with your partner.

Double the amount of time you spend on foreplay. Gaze into each other’s eyes or meditate together. The slower you go, the more you’ll build anticipation and the more fulfilling the results will be.

5. Transform Your Bedroom

Nothing kills the mood like a pile of laundry in the corner or a stack of unpaid bills on the nightstand.

You don’t have to turn your bedroom into Christian Grey’s personal chamber, but there are things you can do to give your bedroom a sexier feel.

For starters, hide all those chargers, wires, and electronics. Better yet, keep them in another room.

Think soft–plush carpets, feather pillows, high-quality bedding. The cozier and softer your bedroom, the more time you’ll want to spend in there. Mirrors, candles, and soft lighting are also perfect accessories to set the mood.

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Try These Sex Hacks Tonight

So, which of these sex hacks will you try first?

Wherever you decide to start, we guarantee you and your partner will have fun checking off each item on this list.

Of course, sex isn’t the only aspect of a great relationship. Click here for more helpful advice from our latest relationship posts.