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Accessorizing the 2nd Amendment: 4 DIY Gun Storage Ideas

Home is where the heart is. So how does keeping a gun fit into our place of sanctuary?

A safe may seem the perfect place to hide your gun, but they can be expensive. They can also be time-consuming to unlock: not great if you’re unlucky enough to have an intruder.

As part of our drive to build a broad cross-section of top tips for life, here are our top 4 DIY gun storage ideas for your gun.

1. Keep Your Gun in Your Bookcase

This fun DIY project should take you no more than an afternoon.

  1. Make sure you have a wooden box, some old books with fancy spines, and some glue.
  2. Your box needs to be as tall as the spines of the books or shorter. Make sure your guns will fit easily inside the wooden box.
  3. Remove the spines from your books and glue them to the side of the box you’ve selected to face outwards.

Once the glue has dried, place the guns in the box and put the box on the top shelf of your bookcase. You can camouflage the box by placing other books around it.

2. Make a False Bottom Drawer in Your Nightstand

Remove the drawer from your nightstand. Take measurements to ensure your gun will fit inside the drawer with the false bottom on top.

Cut four small wooden pieces to fit into the corners of the drawer and glue them in. These will be the supports for the false bottom. Cut out the false bottom from a piece of plywood. Leave enough space along one edge so you can lift it out when you need your gun.

Place the gun in the drawer with the false bottom on top, and you’re done!

3. Create a Hidden Gun Cabinet in the Wall

Find a place on a wall where you would normally hang a painting or mirror.

Make sure that there’s no insulation, wiring, or plumbing behind. Cut a hole in the wall that’s smaller than the object that’s going to cover the cabinet.

Take measurements, and build the box’s frame from plywood. Screw it into place securely. Add hooks inside for hanging your guns.

Now attach the door, also made from your plywood, and install a lock. Hang your mirror or painting to cover the space you’ve made for your hidden cabinet.

4. Installing Ready-Made Storage Units

There’s a wide variety of ready-made storage units available for your guns. Even so, you’ll need some DIY skills to hang them or fix them to a wall.

Clocks with false bottoms and false book sets are great ideas for storing your guns.

Keep your gun looking smarter by heading to and learning how to make your own holster. The holsters are waterproof, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Gun Storage Ideas for You

The best safe storage solution will not be the same for all of us. Our selection of DIY gun storage ideas will help create the right hiding place for your gun.

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