Creative Family Photo Pose Ideas

Say Cheese: 5 Unique and Creative Family Photo Pose Ideas

How did your last family photo shoot go? If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced the stress of trying to get the perfect shot. 

Taking a family photo doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. If you’re prepared, you’re much more likely to snap the shot of your dreams.

Read on for family photo pose ideas to help you nail your next photoshoot stress-free.

1. Strolling Poses

If you don’t know where to start, take a walk. This can loosen up family members and help kids get their wiggles out.

Allow your photographer to guide you through some strolling suggestions such as:

  • The classic jumping picture to elicit some laughs
  • The running children picture give the kids some freedom
  • The walk and talk for a more natural look
  • The piggy-back or carrying set-up to keep people close together

Whether you are looking for a picture for your next family Christmas photo or a print for your wall (read more here), these poses are a great place to start to find the perfect shot. 

2. Standing Poses

The strolling pose inevitably leads to standing poses. Your photographer will see a photo-op and tell you to “Stay right there!” Take these suggestions to your photographer and see what magic comes out of it!

  • Try getting your faces as close together as possible and wait for the natural smiles that come
  • Depending on family size, a family hug can look natural and sweet
  • Let the children arrange people and see what happens
  • Stand in height order for a classic, if not slightly goofy, pose
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Arranging and rearranging people can waste time and kids’ valuable attention span. Have these ideas in mind ahead of time to help smooth transitions.

3. Sitting Poses

Once you’ve had your stroll and your stand photos, you could try a “sit” pose. 

  • Use props like blankets or couches
  • Involve your family pet
  • Use your bed to invoke a cozy, intimate feeling

A sitting set-up is a great option for family photo pose ideas in the studio.  

4. Location Specific Poses

Does your family have a favorite place? Use that to your advantage when trying to come up with the perfect pose. 

  • The playground could give you a nice height variety
  • The beach might have lovely natural structures to pose on
  • The woods or forest make a beautiful backdrop for any pose

Letting your setting be your guide is sure to bring natural-looking family photos to life. 

5. Your Own Family Photo Pose Ideas

Of course, the best ideas for your family photo will be your own! Using the collective minds of your family, brainstorm ahead of time to come up with ideas. 

Involving kids in the decision-making process will increase their “buy-in” and help you avoid the dreaded photoshoot meltdown. 

A great photographer can take anything you give them and turn it into a magical moment. 

Go Rock Those Photos

Whether you’re sitting, standing, strolling, or anything in between, you’ll be glad you captured the moment. These family photo pose ideas are the jumping-off point for a beautiful memory and a beautiful photo. 

For other tips and tricks, read more on our blog today! 

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