Remove Dog Urine Smell

Pee-Eww! Top 3 Tips to Remove Dog Urine Smell

If you have a dog, you know that sometimes even the best-trained dogs have accidents. As a result, you may end up with pet urine in your home. Pet urine can leave a nasty smell, and everyone who smells it wants to have it removed as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than the lingering smell of pet urine in your home.

Fortunately, there are a number of different strategies to remove dog urine smell from your home, even if it has been present for a while. Of course, it’s best to tackle the problem as soon as the accident occurs, but you don’t always notice it until later. However, even if the smell of dog urine has been present in your home for quite some time, you can make it go away forever,

If you want to know how to remove dog urine smell from your home, you came to the right place. In this informative post, we’ll provide you with four foolproof ways to remove this terrible scent from your furniture, floors, or carpet once and for all. 

1) New Dog Urine Smell in Fabric

If your dog has recently had a urine accident on your furniture or carpet, it’s wise to dive in to clean it up right away.

Use a layer of paper towels to soak up the urine and then top that with a layer of newspaper. Give it a few minutes to soak all the way into both types of paper, and then remove the paper towels and newspaper.

Next, rinse with cool water. Use towels to blot up the water, and then sprinkle a little baking soda over the stain. Let that sit overnight, then vacuum it up in the morning.

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After following these steps, you won’t even know the stain was there.

2) Dried Dog Urine Smell in Fabric

If there’s a dog urine smell that has been around a while, it may have soaked into your furniture or carpet a long time ago and it will hang around until you deal with it.  Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to remove dog urine smell in these cases either. 

First, find the stain and rinse it with cold water. A wet vacuum cleaner will help you to saturate the area and get in deep. A steam cleaner will only make it worse, so don’t use one of those. You’ll probably have to wet and dry the area numerous times before you find success; you may also find a store-bought pet odor remover to be a big help in these cases. 

Keep at it and stick with it, and soon you will get the results you desire.

3) How to Remove Dog Urine Smell from Hardwood or Tile 

If your dog has an accident on hardwood or tile, you can just wipe it up with some paper towels. The faster you do this the better; if you move quickly, you will likely not have any long-term issues with smell.

However, if the urine has soaked into the hardwood or between the tiles, you may have a problem. The procedure to remove dog urine smell from this type of surface is similar to the way you would remove it from furniture or carpet. 

Get the stain wet with cool water and dry it with paper towels and newspaper. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the stain while the floor is still damp so it can work its magic. Once dry, vacuum it up and you will notice the smell of the stain far less.

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If this doesn’t work, try to clean the area with a solution of white vinegar and water. Let it soak in, dry it, add baking soda, and vacuum. Do this over and over until you get the results you seek.

You Don’t Have to Live With Dog Urine Smell

As you can see, there are simple yet effective ways to remove dog urine smell from your home. Much of the process is patience and persistence. Try the above methods and you will be happy with the results. Remember, your dog didn’t have an accident on purpose, but you can help him or her to avoid future accidents by providing more access to the outside as needed. You’ll both be happier if you can avoid more pet accidents inside. Good luck! 

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