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9 Amazing Facts About Christianity

Renowned faith author, C.S. Lewis, professed, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” And, so do billions of other people around the world.

Christianity is ranked as the world’s largest religion. It is one of the oldest religions on the globe with more than 2.5 billion devotees. Christianity is rooted in the belief of the risen Savior (Jesus Christ) and His teachings. These are just a few facts about Christianity.

But there’s more to this religion than just statistical data. Let’s take a look at 9 amazing facts about Christianity.

1. The Bible is One of 9 Amazing Facts about Christianity

The bible was written to inspire those who follow Christianity. Its sixty-six books detail testimonies and axioms to guide Christians through everyday life.

But why sixty-six books?

Broken down, the first 39 books (the Old Testament) form the Bible of Judaism. Judaism, similar to Christianity in its belief in one God, differs due to its core belief that Christ is not the risen savior.

However, Christians still revere the Old Testament because of its monotheistic foundation and mentions of Christ’s reveal in the New Testament.

The last 27 books make up the New Testament. Although the Holy Bible is comprised of all 66 books, the New Testament is only adhered to by Christians. Learn more.

2. The Four Gospels

Christianity is the only religion that recognizes and details the four gospels. The four gospels are the first four books in the New Testament that chronical the life, death, and resurrection of the Christ told by a tax collector, a physician, a fisherman, and a teenager.


A young, Jewish tax collector, Matthew’s account of the timeline of Christ is the first. Matthew also communicates his prophecies that Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. He was later called by Jesus Christ himself to be one the 12 apostles (disciples)


Mark was a young writer and interpreter who’s second account of the Savior was told from observations from following Christ as a teen. Mark was also close to Peter–one of the 12 apostles.


The physician who writes his version from eyewitness accounts of the apostles. It is said that Luke came to be a follower of Christ after his death.

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John often confused with John the Baptist, details other particulars of the story of Jesus that Matthew, Mark, and Luke do not. He’s often referred to as the apostle who did not die.

Arguments have been made as to the differences in the four accounts, but none refuting the basic facts of each. Christ came in the flesh, died, and rose again.

3. Churches and Denominations

There are more than 33,830 Christian denominations in the world, millions residing in the estimated 113,000 Christian churches in the United States.

Theoretically, there are five major Christian churches:

  • Roman Catholic – Christians commune under the leadership of the Pope.
  • Eastern Orthodox – Believers practice Christian faith through instructions handed down to the apostles by Jesus.
  • Oriental Orthodox – Adherers worship under the leadership of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (Egyptian Christian Church) under the guidance of the Pope of Alexandria.
  • Anglican – The Christian, English church the broke away from Roman Catholic rule
  • Protestant – Believers practice the Christian faith through belief in the holy scriptures, culture, and economics.

The United States has 13 major denominations.

4. Languages of Christianity

The Christian letter, words of the Bible, were written in three different geographical locations.

Most of the bible was written in Asia. Two of the most commonly spoken languages in Asia is Mandarin and Arabic. The original written languages of the Bible were Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic–mainly the Old Testament

Portions of the New Testament were written in Europe in Greek, while books like the book of Jeremiah were written in Africa. Jeremiah is an Old Testament book, which means the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages were spoken and written in Africa.

5. The Resurrected Savior Figure

Christianity is the only faith with a risen Savior. A few other religions–Judaism and Islam–have a savior figure, but they do not have an empty tomb.

The Four Gospels contend the Jesus Christ was born of the virgin, crucified for the sins of man, and after three days in a tomb, was resurrected by God.

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Scientists, theologians, and paleontologists have been looking for the body of Christ for centuries, but have come up short on every find. Why? He is risen.

The Savior is set to return to earth to judge the world and redeem His people.

6. The Cost of Christianity

Christians are the world’s most persecuted people because of their faith. Christianity is not welcome in more than twenty-five countries.

Countries like Qatar, Afghanistan, Egypt, and North Korea are some of the worse places for Christians to reside, as Christians are often abducted and killed.

7. Christianity and Health

Christianity is good for your health. Studies prove that going to church on a regular basis comes with several health benefits.

The church attendance of 5000 believers was tracked through a Vanderbilt Study. Using data such as economics and health insurance, regular church attendees had lower blood pressures, cholesterol, and better metabolism.

Those who did not attend church had a greater mortality rate.

8. Antarctica

There are seven Christian churches in Antarctica.

  • Chapel of the Snows
  • Trinity Chapel
  • The Ice Cave Catholic Chapel at Belgrano II Base
  • San Francisco de Asis Chapel
  • St. Ivan Rilski Chapel, Livingston Island
  • Chilian Chapel of Santa Maria Reina de la Paz
  • Catholic Chapel of Santisima Virgen de Lujan at Marambio Base

This is amazing since Antarctica only has a population of about 1,000 people.

9. The Only Religion to Influence Space

In 1969, the Apollo 11 landed three souls on the moon–Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin.

Buzz accounts that, during his first hours on the moon, he took some communion elements out of his personal kit. He then silently read a bible passage as he ate a wafer and drank some wine while giving thanks to the Father for the amazing opportunity.

Try Christianity

Just when you thought you knew all there’s is to know about a religion, one like Christianity surprises you. These 9 amazing facts about Christianity are a short list of astounding discoveries about the religion. Study more.

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