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7 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

When you’re having a few cocktails with your friends, do you ever stop and think about the little details about alcohol?

Probably not — you’re just focused on having a good time. Drinking alcohol is a common way to have fun or simply wind down after a stressful day.

Alcohol is a truly incredible beverage, and there are several little-known facts about this popular beverage.

People consume alcoholic beverages every day. So you might as well learn these 7 facts about alcohol.

1. It Takes 6 Minutes for the Brain to Register the Effects of Alcohol

Have you ever consumed a drink, such as vodka, that creeps up on you? Maybe the “drunk” takes a little longer to process, but your brain recognizes alcohol almost immediately.

2. Almost Half of Adults Never Consume Alcohol

Given, this study was also done on the 15 to 20 age group. But even older age groups attest to never trying an alcoholic beverage. With rampant alcohol addiction, it’s no wonder why some people refuse to take a swig of alcohol.

3. Each Culture Consumes Alcohol Differently

The legal drinking age in America is 21, while most countries allow an 18-year-old to publicly consume alcohol — and some may let even younger individuals slide under the legal drinking age.

However, these numbers may not be connected to alcohol consumption? According to this study, more Americans drink alcohol than other countries such as Sweden.

4. The Strongest Beer in the World

Have you had a potent microbrew that put you on your butt? While that was probably a strong beer by general standards, it doesn’t compare to the 67.5% ABV and other incredibly high percentages found in other beers.

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5. The Lethal Alcohol Blood Level

While a night partying with friends is always a good time, there are times when alcohol consumption becomes lethal.

Fortunately, your body does a good job of informing you when you drink too much — usually by making you “worship the porcelain God.”

But not everyone is privy to puking or blacking out when their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) becomes too high. Everyone has a different lethal BAC level.

But if your BAC is around 0.35%, you’re at risk of losing your life.

6. Some Alcoholics Never Recover

Did you know Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, requested alcohol while on his deathbed? Guess he wanted one last hoo-rah before kicking the bucket.

7. You Can Make Alcohol Yourself

Buying alcohol at the store is cheaper than going to the bar. But making alcohol yourself is even cheaper. Products like Red Head Oak Barrels make it possible to become a distiller and drink your favorite drinks such as whiskey and vodka.

Now You Know Different Facts About Alcohol

The next time you go out with friends, you can remark on these fun facts about alcohol.

Every type of alcohol is unique and is consumed for different purposes. Every type of alcohol drinker is also different — some would rather enjoy a glass of wine while others prefer doing keg stands at a house party.

Whether you like your mixed drink with a double or you would rather enjoy a cold beer, alcohol has a rich place in our culture.

For more interesting facts, follow our blog.

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