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10 Smoke Tricks That’ll Wow Your Friends

Smoke tricks have been around for as long of people have been smoking. It’s a fun skill for showing off at parties, or for when you’re just hanging out with friends.

The vaping community has really taken this art form to the next level, posting amazing videos on Instagram and Youtube for the world to appreciate. If you’re a vaper, let’s take a look at some tricks you’ll definitely want to add to your repertoire.

10 Smoke Tricks (and How to Do Them) That’ll Wow Your Friends

When you’re hanging out with your friends, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off these 10 neat smoke tricks! We’ll even explain how to do them so you can practice for you big moment.

1. French Inhale

Knowing how to do the French inhale makes for a real crowd-pleaser. It’s popular in the pot culture as well as a favorite among vapers around the world. To do it, take a drag, hold it in your cheeks so it can settle. Then open your mouth and push it out as you inhale through your nose.

2. Vape Tornado

Often called the VapeNado, this is one of the most popular tricks among vapers. It’s especially popular in vape culture because vape smoke is much thicker than marijuana or tobacco smoke.

To pull off the VapeNado, exhale vapor onto a table or any other flat surface. Let it settle until it’s motionless, place a hand in the middle of the smoke, and then flick your wrist up while lifting your arm in a single fluid motion. The result is pure awesomeness.

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3. Jelly Fish

The Jellyfish, also known as the atomic bomb, is so cool and versatile it’s guaranteed to leave your friends speechless. It’s a trick created by first blowing a smoke ring, then filling the inside with vaper. You’ll have to have some skills to pull this one off, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Here’s how to do it: Blow a smoke ring, then immediately place a hand behind it. As it slows and widens, take a drag from your vape, hold it in your cheeks, then blow the vapor into the middle of the smoke ring.

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If you’re thinking this sounds a like like the French inhale, you’re right. Same principle, but this is the cooler trick.

4. Triangles

Once you’ve mastered blowing simple O’s, it’s time to move on to something a little more complicated. So step up and try blowing triangles.

This trick starts off by blowing a large dense smoke ring. Place your hand behind it. Now just swipe down twice on the side of the O. This should make it start to ripple until it forms a triangle.

5. Ghost Inhale

This one is pretty easy but still a lot of fun. Also called the mushroom cloud, it’s a simple matter of blowing a cloud of vapor and then immediately inhaling it again.

Take a drag off your vape and hold it in your cheeks. Let in settle, then slowly open your mouth and push it out, keeping the vapor in the form of a ball. Now inhale it back in. Beware not to blow it out to long or it will float away.

6. The Waterfall

The waterfall is more like a cool science experiment than a trick. It will make you feel like Harry Potter performing magic in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The good news is this trick requires no skills whatsoever. Just get an empty water bottle and slowly blow vapor into it. When the bottle is full, pour it out. Presto! Congrats, you are not the proud owner of a vape waterfall.

7. Bane Inhale

This smooth little trick is basically just the French inhale with a small twist. The big difference is you end up looking like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Simply take a pull off your mod and hold it in your cheeks. Now push your jaw forward and hook your lower teeth over your upper lip. Exhale slowly, letting the vapor flow between your teeth as you inhale into your nose. Simple enough, right?

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8. Vape Bubbles

This one produces a massive bubble filled with vapor, making it a killer party trick.

Take a water bottle and cut the bottom off. Now mix a solution of soap and water. Then dip the end of the bottle into the mixture and slowly exhale vapor through the narrow opening at the top to create some cool pretty stellar bubbles.

9. The Lasso

The idea of the lasso is to blow a smaller vapor ring through the center of a larger vapor ring. The larger ring sucks up the small ring to create a lasso effect.

To do it, simply blow a large ring, then immediately blow a smaller ring. Use your hand to control the smaller ring, guiding it into the center of the larger one. When done right, it looks pretty cool. But be patient because it can take some practice to master.

10. Vape Bending

Vape bending isn’t for beginners. This is the art of manipulating a smoke ring anyway you want with your hands or other part of your body.

Try this on for size: Cupping your hand next to your mouth, take a drag off your vape and blow a smoke ring. Now use your hand to direct the ring anywhere you want it to go. This sounds simple enough, but you’ll be surprised how tricky it can be to get it right.

With enough practice, you’ll always be the coolest kid at the party.

Take Your Tricks to the Next Level

Learning new smoke tricks is a great way to impress your friends and pass the time. It’s amazing how many cool things you’ll be able to do with just a little practice.

These popular vape tricks are as fun to learn as they are to perform. So kick back, chill out, and see if you can take your skills to the next level.

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