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10 Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Lifehacks are little shortcuts that make things easier for you. For the disorganized person, a few simple life hacks can make a huge difference.

They allow things to go more smoothly and streamline your routine without a whole lot of effort. They help you cut confusion and increase productivity. A lot of them are also kind of fun.

Keep reading for ten simple life hacks that you can use every day.

Ten Simple Life Hacks for Around the Home

1.) Make your own ice packs.

Mix three parts water and one part alcohol and put inside a ziplock bag for a cheap alternative to cold packs. Freeze for a few hours and then use with home lunches or on sore muscles, the possibilities are endless.

You can also make ice packs for lunches using a sponge. Simply wet the sponge and then put in a sandwich-sized Ziploc and freeze. This is just one of many great kitchen hacks.

2.) Use a bowl of water to check if eggs are good.

Got some eggs in the fridge that are questionable? Drop them into a bowl of cool water.

If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies flat on its side, it is very fresh. If it bobs upward, it is about a week old but still fresh. If the egg stands up on its small end, it is two to three weeks old and about to go bad. If the egg floats to the top, it is definitely bad and you should not eat it.

3.) Get some pool noodles

Pool noodles are cheap and super useful. Get a few, because they are the key to a number of simple life hacks for around the house.

Cut them up and use them in tall shoes and boots to keep them upright while in storage. Cut a piece of a pool noodle vertically and attach it to the top edge of doors that you do not want to slam. Keep pets tails and little ones’ fingers safe. Cut horizontal slices on your pool noodles and use them to hold all types of things, such as paintbrushes, pens and even computer wires.

4.) Hold a bar of soap.

Are your hands hurting from writing or using the computer too much? Hold a bar of soap and watch as the cramp magically disappears within minutes.

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You can also put a bar of soap under the sheet at the bottom of your bed if you are having problems with cramps in your legs or calves. Put a small sliver in shoes to relieve pain from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. Nobody knows exactly why this works, but it brings relief fast.

5.) Use aluminum foil to alleviate pain from burns.

When you have a bad burn that lotion or aloe will not soothe, try aluminum foil. First, make sure the area is completely dry and cool and then apply the foil, shiny side out, to the affected area. You can wrap it around the tip of a finger burn, or tape it in place for larger burns.

Aluminum foil is a great conductor. When it is placed on the burn, the heat from it transfers to the foil and the foil transfers the heat out into the air. It is amazing how quickly and well this works.

6.) Hack yourself motivated.

Having a hard time getting going on a project? Use this tried and true productivity hack. Search out a video or podcast on the topic and use it for motivation. This works for both school and work projects as well as chores around the home.

Watch something that outlines a topic you have to write about for school to get your brain primed for critical thinking on the subject. This is an extremely effective hack for housecleaning. There are many videos that show people cleaning their homes on YouTube. Watch as their homes are magically transformed and so is your motivation level!

7.) Save and re-use old Pringles containers.

You can use pringles containers for all kinds of simple life hacks around the house. Fill the empty containers with sundries such as pasta, sugar, and flour, then paint with chalkboard paint and write the contents on the outside. Cover the outside with wrapping paper and ribbon and use as an economical way to wrap gifts for friends and loved ones.

Lay a Pringles can on its side and cut a small rectangle out. Stick your smartphone in for a pretty loud little make-shift speaker. Just make sure to take the lid off! Mini Pringles cans can be made pretty with scrapbook paper and washi tape and used as desk organizers for supplies in the office.

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8.) Buy a big bag of baking soda.

Baking soda is an extremely useful tool around the house and the main ingredient in many simple life hacks. Use it along with white vinegar to clear out stuck drains. Simply pour 1 cup of baking soda in the drain then dump around a cup of vinegar in there and watch the bubbles break up any obstructions. Follow with boiling water to flush out any leftover soap scum.

You can also use it to deodorize the house from top to bottom. Use it in kitty litter boxes, in the toilet, and in the washer. Mix it with salt and borax to make a flea-killing powder that takes all mustiness out of your carpet. Mix it with water to remove dirt and that waxy coating on fruit from the supermarket.

9.) Buy toothpaste in bulk

Make sure to have lots of toothpaste on hand, as it is great for a number of simple life hacks around the home. Use it to remove permanent marker and crayon from walls. Use it to eliminate haze on your car headlights. Smooth scratches on CDs and DVDs using toothpaste and a rag.

Toothpaste also works to polish hard water stains off of stainless steel bathroom fixtures. A small dab on a pimple will dry it up overnight and it will eliminate itch from a bug bite.

10.) When in doubt, bust out the duct tape!

Duct tape is extremely useful for so many things around the house. It is an integral part of many simple life hacks.

Use it to patch tarps or a tent. It works even better if it is applied to both sides. Duct tape can help open a stubborn jar. Attach the tape to one side of the jar and half-way around then pull clockwise to open.

Use it to repair broken water or vacuum hoses. Make sure to stretch the vacuum hose out and double wrap each part individually so you can restore airflow.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can add simple life hacks to your routine and really enjoy doing things around the house. You can employ hacks in nearly every area of your life.

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