how to avoid getting arrested

How to Avoid Getting Arrested and What to Do If You Are

Whether they like to admit it or not, cops get to choose who they want to hassle.

In fact, there are many different ways that police officers try to profile people so that they can rack up the arrests. These judgments may or may not be racially motivated.

In many ways, law enforcement officers are part of a revenue grab that is politically fueled. It has become a game with lives at stake. Fortunately, there are ways to be near invisible to police and steps you can take to ensure you are able to walk away unscathed if you ever are stopped.

Check out this guide on how to avoid getting arrested, and stay out of trouble today and every day.

How to Avoid Getting Arrested

The first secret to avoid getting arrested is to try to stay invisible. If they can’t see you, then they won’t be able to arrest you.

That means save illegal activities for behind closed doors and when you are in public, try to avoid activities that appear to be illegal.

While you should be able to dress however you want and act ridiculous, in reality, the cops will hassle you if you behave that way.

While it may not be illegal to have a pot leaf for a bumper sticker, you sure aren’t doing yourself any favors. In addition, cops are more likely to go for sports cars and cars that are flashy. Be boring.

Blend In

The police patrol the same areas every day. That means that they are used to seeing certain people and activities in a particular area at a given time. Anything out of the ordinary from this will be a red flag.

Try to be in tune with what is going on around you and blend in. Don’t change your behavior quickly or start walking in another direction if you see a police officer.

How to Win the Psychological Battle

If you are unfortunate enough to be questioned by police, then you will have to win both a physical and a psychological battle.

Being questioned is an insulting feeling, but it’s not half as bad as being arrested. If you can answer an officer’s questions on the scene, then you may be able to avoid further action.

Some police officers are especially hard to deal with in these situations. They will use tactics to try to break you into saying or doing something incriminating.

They may poke you in the chest, use racial slurs, or get in your face to see if they can get a reaction out of you, but you have to just ignore it. That’s not the place for that battle to be fought.

Maintain your dignity by not reacting, not smiling, and giving the officer simple answers. If you start trying to make up a story then not only is the police officer going to see straight through it, they are going to be able to use your story against you if you change any details later on.

What to Do If You Are Arrested

The first thing you should do when you find out you are under arrest is try to ask for a notice to appear. This will keep you from having to go to the police station and go through the booking process.

While you will still be charged and go before a judge, a notice to appear is much easier to deal with. You will have time to meet with a lawyer like the professionals at The Glover Law Firm.

When the cop tells you you’re being arrested just tell them that you are not a dangerous criminal and that the impact your arrest will have on your employment and family will be a hardship.

If you had been respectful earlier, then hopefully the cop will take that into consideration before making his decision.

Should You Cry?

While your friends might make fun of you if you’re in a group, crying can be a great way to convince a police officer to listen to your side of the story.

The key is that while you are crying, you should beg for a notice to appear. If you try to get them to let you off scot-free, then they’re not going to fall for it. But if you make your case for a notice, you’re much more likely to get your way.

How to Drive to Avoid Being Pulled Over

One of the biggest times you’re in danger of being arrested is when you are on the road. Don’t panic! That’s why you need to take precautions.

First, never suddenly hit the breaks when you see a police car ahead. It will cause the front end of your car to dip suddenly and the officer in front of you will know.

In addition, don’t drive slow or perfectly, it looks like you’re up to something. Putting too much stuff in your trunk or slouching can also be indicators of criminal behavior.

For young men who are out riding around together, be prepared to be pulled over because the cops will assume that you might be out committing a crime.

One way to avoid being pulled over in that setting is for one person to wear a hard hat. This will make it look like you’re all construction workers on the way home from a day at work.

What About Searches?

Even if you believe there is nothing illegal in your car, you should never allow a cop to search it.

While there are many reasons a cop can search your car without your permission or getting a warrant first, you should say no every time they ask, even if they start throwing out random threats.

More Life Hacks and Facts

With everything going on in the news, it’s more important than ever to take precautions and know how to avoid getting arrested.

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