Getting the Inside Scoop- How to Get the Best Background Check

Sure, they seem nice, but how well do you really know that new person you met.

Perhaps you’re considering them for employment in your small business, can they be trusted with your company’s precious resources. 

If you’re considering someone new for employment within your home, the stakes are even higher. How can you know that you can trust that person with your children? How can you know what care they’ll receive when they’re left alone with their new caretaker?

In America, it is estimated that 8% of the population has a felony conviction on their record. When you’re bringing someone new into your circle, it’s prudent to know their history. Is the person you’re considering part of that 8%?

Read on to learn how to find the best background check online and safeguard what matters most.

Safe Guarding Your Family With the Best Background Check

If you’re unsure about a person’s history, an online background check is your best option. Online background checks reveal many factors that can help you screen out unsavory applicants.

Background checks reveal a person’s credit history, arrest records, and driving record. It can also help you confirm their identity with information like their employment record.

If you’re looking to get to the bottom of it, use an online screening tool like naia screening. Online background checks can help you verify the identity and criminal background of the person you’re considering.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Them?

Sociopaths are people who are well equipped to manipulate. They can create a charming persona and say all the right thing.

The scariest part about sociopaths is that they know how to blend in. They can imitate the desirable characteristics that you might want in an employee. 

This is not to say that their future behavior will mirror the persona you present. If the person you’ve hired passes a background check but still gives you the feeling that something is off, you may want to use other monitoring methods.

If the person you’re concerned about already works within your home, you may want to consider getting a nanny cam. You’ll want to place this in a common area of your home, not a bedroom or bathroom. 

Nanny cams come in a variety of items, such as clocks and teddy bears. This will give you the opportunity to check in on their behavior when you aren’t around.

What You Should Do When The Results Aren’t Good

In a best-case scenario, you’ll have certainty that the person you employ is trustworthy. If the results aren’t so positive, you may learn things you find unsettling. If nanny cams reveal abuse, you shouldn’t hesitate to notify the authorities.

While this may seem harsh, especially if you know the person well, it is your responsibility. This action will prevent future harm from occurring. If will also likely result in a charge that shows up on a background check. If future employers are smart enough to run a background check, they’ll have insight ahead of time.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Instead of relying on your gut, get the best background check available and know for sure. For more great tips on how you can save yourself time and effort, visit our blog for more.