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The 9 Most Awesome Pontoon Boat Accessories for Your Boating Adventure

You’ve had your pontoon for years, and you’re extremely proud of it. You have the maintenance down to a science, you can tie it to the dock without looking, and you’ve finally become friends with the owner of the marina. You’ve got the boat life down.

However, all of that hard work can sometimes distract you from why you bought that pontoon in the first place, which was to enjoy it!

Keep reading to discover our top nine pontoon boat accessories that will upgrade both your pontoon and how you have fun!

Should You Get Pontoon Boat Accessories?

If you’re considering getting some boat accessories for your pontoon, the most important factor should be how much experience you have with your pontoon. If you’re new and still learning the ropes, the last thing you want to do is focus all of your attention on new gadgets and toys.

After all, you still have to get your boating license, get insurance, master your steering techniques, and making a routine out of the boat maintenance facts you just learned.

The worst thing that could happen is for you to decide that boating isn’t really for you after all. Then all those accessories will have been a waste of money!

If you are new to the pontoon game, click here to learn more on the essentials of getting started.

Let’s Do It!

If you’re an experienced boater, don’t let the section above scare you. You’ve put in the time and are now ready to explore your pontoon’s full potential!

1. Petit Grills

If you have a pontoon with lots of deck space or even multiple levels, you know how fun it is to stay out on the water all day long. However, half the fun of staying out on the water all day is having good food. Packing some tuna sandwiches just isn’t going to cut it.

Having a small grill that either mounts onto the rail or stays on the floor is the perfect addition to your vessel! Grill hot dogs, hamburger, and tons of other delicious foods without having to go back to the dock.

2. Towable Tubes

Having a speedboat isn’t the only way to enjoy water sports. Some pontoons have enough horsepower to tow a skier, surfer, and inflatable water tubes!

Adding a towable tube to your collection of accessories will add a new layer of excitement for the kids, grandkids, and all of your friends.

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3. Tow Bar

If you’re serious about getting into the water sports mentioned above, you’ll need a tow bar attached to the back of your pontoon.

Some of the cheaper brands attach in the water, by the motor. This will increase drag and make it harder on the engine. However, if you’re willing to pay more for a tow bar with a swing, it will raise the towing robe up out of the water so your pontoon can pull your accessories faster and smoother.

4. Bar Caddy

Some people use their pontoon boat to spend a great day with their families. Others take it out to fish. Some people use them to throw large parties.

No matter your purpose, having a bar caddy is essential for anyone who likes their drinks within arms reach. There’s no expensive installation. If you have a place for a rod-holder, you can use it to set up your bar caddy.

They vary in size, but some can hold up to nine drinks. Even if you don’t keep a wide variety of drinks on your boat, it’s perfect for adding a few extra cupholders. After all, the last thing someone wants is to have their drink spill while they’re out in the water.

5. Water Slide

While you could go as far as installing a diving board at the edge of your boat, it isn’t really a first step for someone who has just started looking into accessories. A cheaper, more versatile accessory would be an inflatable water slide. Attach them to the edge of your pontoon for you and the kids to enjoy all day long.

While they’re more expensive than wakeboards or towable tubes, water slides are definitely a good investment if you want an accessory that will last for years and keep your family and friends entertained for hours.

6. Smartphone-Controlled Lights

If high tech parties are more your style, installing LED lights is the perfect way to turn any friendly gathering into an insane party. Manufacturers have created multi-colored LED lights that synch with your phone and will pulse and change colors along with the music you’re playing.

Impress your dock neighbors and wow your friends by turning your pontoon boat into a floating dance floor!

7. Bumpers and Fenders

While they certainly aren’t the most glamorous accessories on the list, bumpers and fenders are an absolute necessity. You’ve put a lot of work into maintaining your boat, and the last way you want to end your day is by scraping it on the dock or a reef at the end of the day.

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On top of that, no matter how good of a driver you are, there will always be less experienced boater who doesn’t always know how to read the waves and currents. Bumpers and fenders will make sure that no one else out on the water will get a little too close and damage your hard-earned property.

8. Rail-Mount Rod Holders

If you’re an avid fish, you know that the key to those bigger catches is patience. However, holding those rods all day can be tiring, and you don’t want to have to reel in and put your rod away every time you want to take a break or get in the water.

Having sturdy rod holders that mount to the railing of your boat take all of the hassle out of fishing, so you can relax and crack open a beer while your bobber does all the work.

9. Floating Water Pads & Mats

This accessory isn’t incredibly popular, but if you enjoy throwing in your anchor to crank up the music and go for a swim, have a floating water mat is the perfect accessory to add to your collection.

Imagine a giant yoga mat that you could tie to your boat and that children, adults, and even dogs can relax on out in the water. Some of them even have cup holders! That way, you can stay cool in the water while still relaxing and having a drink.

There’s really no better combination for a relaxing day on the water.

Explore Your Options

You’ve read our list of top pontoon boat accessories, but the possibilities are endless! If there’s something you’re interested in, be sure to read reviews and shop around for the best prices. Remember, boat accessories are investments, and you want them to last for as many years as you have to enjoy them.

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