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9 Beauty Life Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Being a girl can be rough.

We have a ton of different hats to wear every day. Career woman, student, wife, mom — whatever your path in life, you’re likely to be one busy lady.

Finding time to make yourself feel like the gorgeous gal you are can be difficult when you’re juggling multiple schedules. You need beauty solutions that are quick, easy, and save your hard-earned dollars.

We’re here to help you. We’ve done the research, and have rounded up the best beauty life hacks to save you time and money.

Here are our top nine choices.

Use Eye Drops to Revive Old Mascara

Is your mascara starting to coat less and flake more? Try one of these beauty life hacks.

It may be either drying up or running out. Either way, you may already have the solution in your medicine cabinet.

Eyedrops or contact solution can stretch a little more life out mascara that needs replacing. Add a few drops to the tube and give it a good shake. Your mascara should be back to its old patent leather silkiness for a week or so.

Don’t Have Eye Drops Or Contact Solution?

If you need mascara NOW and don’t have eye drops on hand, don’t worry. A drop or two of hot water can also tide you over in a pinch. It won’t last as long as drops or saline, but it will work as a single-serving remedy.

DIY Longer Lashes With Castor Oil

Castor oil has a ton of health benefits, but did you know it can also work as a natural lash booster?

Medicated lash treatments can cause irritation and itchiness. Castor oil can give you the same luxurious lashes without the harsh side effects. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids that promote hair growth.

Use a clean mascara wand to coat your lashes with oil. This can also be used on your brows for a fuller look. It’s one of the lesser-known but best beauty life hacks.

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Tone Your Skin With Apple Cider Vinegar

Brightening your skin is great. Doing it with an ingredient you probably have stocked in your pantry is even better.

Grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar for an all-natural alternative to toner. Mix it up with an equal amount of water so it’s not too harsh, and apply with a cotton ball.

Apple cider vinegar restores your skin’s natural pH levels. It makes your pores appear smaller and can help clear up breakouts. It’s one of the best products for at-home beauty life hacks.

Grab a Tissue For Lasting Lip Color

It’s super frustrating to painstakingly apply your lip color, only to have it worn off in a matter of hours.

Fight the fade with by turning to a tissue and a translucent makeup powder. Here’s how.

Apply your first coat as usual. Then, hold a tissue over your lips and dust the powder over it with a makeup brush. Apply your second coat.

The final result should be a lip color that doesn’t budge all day long.

Extend the Life of Your Manicure With Glitter

When you shell out a fistful of money for a gel manicure, it’s hard to watch your nails grow as the gap at the bottom increases.

As if glitter wasn’t fabulous enough, now it’s here to help. Cover up that unsightly gap by painting your nail beds with glitter polish.

It’s an easy, breezy, cool girl look that will prolong the life of your pricey manicure.

Get Rid of Annoying Static in Your Hair

The dead of winter can be hard on your skin and hair. Static flyaways in your hair can make good hair days hard to come by.

Luckily, the remedy is inexpensive and can easily be found at most stores. Dryer sheets contain ions to neutralize static and can help get your look back to normal.

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You can use this hack in a couple of different ways. You can simply glide your dryer sheet over your hair for a quick fix. For a longer-term solution, press your sheet through the bristles of your brush so it sits securely at the base.

Make Your Bobby Pins Go the Distance

One of our favorite beauty life hacks is also among the easiest.

Increase the effectiveness of your go-to bobby pins by prepping them with hairspray before styling. Just give them a quick spritz, and they’ll be less likely to slide around when you’re out and about.

Another fun bobby pin hack: liven up your look by painting your pins with brightly colored nail polish. Just don’t forget to let them dry completely before using.

Glam Up Your Lashes With Powder

Want big lashes for a night out? Skip the falsies and get a dramatic look on your own by brushing baby powder or cornstarch on your lashes while applying your mascara.

Coat a clean brush with the powder; a mascara brush or eyeshadow brush will work best. Apply your base coat of mascara, and cover your lashes with powder. Be as thorough as possible. Then, finish your mascara application.

The result: ultra glam lashes that won’t quit.

Make Fragrance Last With Vaseline

We love our favorite fragrances, but let’s face it–perfume is incredibly pricey.

Stretch your dollars by rubbing on a thin layer of Vaseline before you spritz. This coat of moisture will hold onto your fragrance and make your signature scent last throughout the day.

Want to stretch your perfume even further? Here’s a guide to where you should be spritzing your scent.

Try These Beauty Life Hacks

Make your routine work for you with our beauty life hacks. Your wallet and schedule will thank you!

Check out our blog for more great life hacks.