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5 Reasons You Should Repair Your Phone Instead of Buying a New One

Is your phone or phone screen broken? Welcome to the club.

All it takes is dropping your phone at just the right angle, sitting on it, or a misaimed toss from a friend. Many companies have made a healthy living from making protective cases for cell phones. While many of them are quite robust and even waterproof, they’re not made from magical materials.

Therefore, when your phone inevitably breaks or the screen cracks, you have to ask yourself a question. Should you repair your phone or buy a new one?

On the one hand, everyone likes new things. Like fish, we’re drawn to bright and shiny objects. On the other hand, however, is your current phone really that old?

Read on while we give you 5 solid reasons not to buy a new phone!

Why You Should Repair Your Phone Instead of Buying a New One

In this modern society, we are attached to our phones physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we leave the house, we grab our keys, purse or wallet, and of course, our phone. When we accidentally leave it, or God forbid, lose it, it’s a horrible feeling.

We feel naked and vulnerable without our phones. We feel lost. Going without a phone isn’t an option unless as 96% of Americans would agree.

Now, let’s talk about why you should repair your phone rather than buy a new one.

1. Cost-Effective

Choosing to repair your phone will save you a ton of money. New smartphones cost upwards of $1000 dollars. If you break yours and don’t have a stellar warranty on it, get ready to cough up some dough for a new one.

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Alternatively, you could pay way less and just repair your broken phone. Yeah, it will cost some money, but it won’t be nearly as painful as buying a new phone.

2. Less Wasteful

In the U.S., we throw away over 350,000 cell phones every day. That is an excessive amount of waste, especially considering cell phones contain harmful chemicals and substances to the environment.

By choosing to repair your phone rather than buying a new one, you could be doing a small service for the planet.

3. Repair Tracking

Some companies who fix cell phones actually track the progress of your phone repair and keep you up to date. For example, Trailblazer Repairs keeps customers informed at all times.

This is especially helpful as we discussed our growing dependency on these devices!

4. Less Hassle

As we take our phones with us everywhere, they are closely tied to our memories and emotions. In fact, we caption many of these pivotal moments on our phones via pictures and videos.

If you choose to repair your phone instead of replacing it, your memories remain intact. You won’t have to worry about transferring pictures, videos, notes, and phone numbers to a new device.

5. More Humanitarian

Finally, and less known to most people in our society, opting to repair your phone rather than buying a new one is more humanitarian.

Let us explain.

Most cellphones use a rare substance called coltan. The largest coltan reserve is in the Congo, where it remains a major cause of conflict. Every time you buy a phone, you are indirectly contributing to armed conflict and the abuse of human rights.

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What’s Your Choice

Now that you know the facts and the benefits to repair your phone rather than buy a new one, what will your choice be?

At a certain point, we realize that a phone needs to be replaced. However, just be mindful about your waste and other effects your choices have on the environment and people around the world.

Repair, don’t replace!