These 9 MacBook Hacks Will Change the Way You Look at Them Forever

There are about 100 million active Mac users across the globe. Many of those people pay a premium to use macOS because of the system’s perceived usability advantages when compared to Windows systems.

That being said, a massive drawback with Macs is that in the operating system’s straightforwardness, there’s not much in the way of fun ways to customize or improve your computing experience since the system’s framework is relatively non-susceptible to the hacking scene.

That perception, however, is wrong… Sort of.

As it turns out, there are a ton of MacBook hacks you can utilize to make your experience using a macOS machine more streamlined.

While a lot of these “hacks” are more like feature Easter eggs provided by Apple, they’re still worth your time to know about.

So, without further ado, here they are!

1. Using an Emoji Keyboard

People who use iPhones love using emoji keyboards when communicating with friends. Unfortunately, computers don’t offer that keyboard… For the most part anyway.

One of the key exceptions to that rule is Macs.

But where the heck can you find the emoji keyboard on a Mac?

While you’re in a text field, click command+control+space. When you do, you’ll summon up MacOs’ native emoji keyboard which makes adding a little flair to everything you do that much easier!

2. Invert Your Screen’s Colors

In certain situations, it can be hard to see the white-based colors most of Mac’s application utilize in their UI. To invert your screen colors and make what you’re seeing a little easier on the eyes, you can use this MacBook hacks favorite:


Doing this will invert your screen colors immediately. You don’t have to summon an IT team to help you revert your screen back to its original form either (read more now about managed IT services).

To switch back, just hit that combination of keys again!

3. Send Items to Your Trash Can, Fast

We get it… Dragging and dropping things into your Mac’s trashcan isn’t exactly a task you lament on too much. Still, it does take a little bit of time which is why MacBook hacks have cropped up to remedy the problem.

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To send items on your desktop to your garbage can fast, simply select them and hit command+delete.

Doing so will automatically send any selected items to the garbage. No dragging necessary!

4. Summon Special Characters

Have you ever needed to type out a word like “Pina Colada” but had to leave off its special character because you didn’t know how to type it? We certainly have…

The good thing about MacBooks though is that they make accessing special characters simple!

All you have to do is hold down the key that carries the special accent or similar mark and automatically, MacOS will present you with variations of the character you can choose from!

5. Sharing Thoughts Faster

MacBook hacks have made MacOS the fastest system as far as social sharing is concerned.

Don’t believe us? Try this…

Type out any musing on a notepad on your Mac and then highlight the text. Once highlighted, right click on it and go down to “share”.

When you do, you’ll be hit with options to share your text on Twitter, Facebook, Email or via iMessage.

6. Figure out What a Word Means

We’ve all run into words on occasion that have left us saying, “WTF DOES THAT MEAN” (in our case we yell it…). With MacBook hacks though, getting the definition that you’re looking for is as simple as hitting a few keys.

Pressing control+command+D while highlighting over a word will make a dictionary pop up that will define the term you’ve highlighted.

That means no more needing to copy and paste terms into Google to get definitions!

7. Inspect Your Open Windows

If you’re anything like us, your desktop can get pretty messy between browsing, writing, working in Photoshop and doing a hundred other things. If ever you lose track of what windows you have open, seeing everything all at once is easy!

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All you have to do is press control+Up Arrow. When you do, all of your open windows will sprawl out on your desktop displaying everything you’re working on so you can get organized.

If you want to access one of your open windows, all you have to do is click on it from the sprawled out view and it will snap to your screen’s forefront.

8. Stealth Start

Are you a fan of the droning sound your Mac makes when you boot it up? We’re not. Especially when we’re booting up in a library or something.

Fortunately, MacBooks have users of all preferences covered!

As it turns out, you can silent start your MacBook by pressing down the power button while holding the mute key.

When you do this, your Mac will boot up without making so much as a peep!

9. Discreet Volume Change

Another thing we hate about our Mac’s sounds? That tone that blares when we’re turning the volume up or down.

Holding down the shift key while changing volume levels nixes that noise.

So, next time you’re trying to be discreet about adjusting your volume levels, just hit shift+volume down and enjoy the silence!

Wrapping up MacBook Hacks Will Change the Way You Look at Them Forever

MacBooks may seem simplistic in the way they operate. The truth is though that there are a lot of fun MacBook hacks built into the operating system that you can use if you want to make your machine flexible!

We hope that our rundown on these hacks makes interactions with your system more productive.

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