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5 Useful Mobile Phone Tricks You Need to Try

So you think you know your smartphone. Well, the truth of that matter is that even if you’re on your phone day in and day out, there are probably a ton of tricks that you’re unaware of.

Ready to learn more? Here are five of the best mobile tricks to get the most out of your cell phone experience.

1. Find Out Who Keeps Calling

Millions of people receive annoying robocalls each day. These calls, often from numbers with a similar area code, are simply marketing ploys designed to get people to buy a product or sign up for something they don’t need.

Want to see where those obnoxious calls are coming from? Now you can, thanks to this website.

Reverse phone lookup lets you see who keeps calling, where they’re really calling from (these calls rarely come from your area despite what the number says), and whether or not it’s spam.

2. Boost Your Battery Life

The average smartphone battery has improved quite a bit over the years, but many users still have a tough time getting their phone to last through one whole day.

This extra drainage may be caused by some unnecessary background apps that use up quite a bit of data and battery life. Thankfully, they’re easily disabled from the settings menu.

For an iPhone, you’ll want to head to ‘Settings’, then ‘General’ until you see a feature called ‘Background App Refresh’. Switch the feature off.

For Android users, head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Device maintenance’. Click ‘Optimize’ and your phone will delete unnecessary files, clear up any apps running in the background, and generally boost your phone’s performance.

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3. Add More Emojis

Everyone loves emojis. So much so that we use millions of them each and every day.

But did you know that you can download more emojis whenever you want? It’s true! Both iPhones and Androids allow users to download third-party apps including keyboard extensions to help you get more of the emojis you love.

4. Capture Your Moments

Smartphone tricks can be useful as well as fun. For instance, take the popularity of screen grabbing.

Taking a screenshot is simple. Just hold down the home button and the power button at the same time.

5. Charge Your Phone Faster

While some of these smartphone tricks can help your battery life, you’ll still need to charge your phone eventually. But another of our mobile tricks will help you charge your phone faster.

When you plug your phone in, set your phone to airplane mode, and leave your phone be. Yes, that means you can’t use your phone for a little while, but it’ll charge faster if you leave it alone.

These Mobile Tricks Will Enhance Your Mobile Experience

So there you have it, five of the best mobile tricks to help you maximize your phone’s performance.

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