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Winning Tips for Becoming a Pokie Machines Master

Ever heard of pokie machines? It’s a slang term for online slot machines. These slot machines are similar to the ones found in regular casinos.They allow you to place bets and win jackpots. However, some pokie machine rules and functions differ from traditional slots.

But first, read our article to learn how to win money on pokie machines.

Start With Free Games

Online gaming newbies need to practice before they jump right into placing bets. One of the best features of online gaming is that users can play free online games before moving on to traditional pokie machines.

Some online gaming sites offer incentives like free spins or free cash for signing up. Look for sites with a “play free pokies” section.

In this section, they’ll feature a few different slots that are sometimes based on popular TV series like Game of Thrones. Under the slot will be directions for playing the game.

For a Game of Thrones pokie machine, show characters and their names will be used to represent free spins and bonus rounds.

Free online slot machines will teach you the best way to win on pokies through practice. You don’t have to worry about losing any of your money like you would with a traditional casino slot machine.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the game, you can move onto the real thing and start placing bets.

Look For an eCOGRA-certified Site

eCOGRA is a UK-based testing agency that works exclusively to regulate online gaming systems. They review online gaming system to make sure its safe and protects users’ information.

They also try to reduce fraudulent activities, prevent underage gaming, and ensure fair gaming through special regulations.

eCOGRA monitors and rates online gaming through RNG and RTP testing and publishes their findings in a report. RTP is the return-to-player percentage.

Usually, this amount is dependent on the casino’s wins or losses for the day.

The best paying online pokies will have eCOGRA-certification. If you’re looking for an online casino, go here to play these pokies.

Limit Your Maximum Bets

You may be tempted to place maximum bets every time you spin, but that’s not a great idea.

Betting high amounts can be disastrous if you’re running low on cash. Your best bet is to vary the amount your betting throughout the game.

If you just signed up, try utilizing free spins and bonus cash to get the hang of the game and start increasing your bets once you’re comfortable.

Choose A Casino With A Good Selection of Pokies

Find a gaming site that has a large selection of pokie for you to play. The bigger the selection, the better your chances of winning. You’ll be able to find a pokie machine you’re good at playing.

The three most common forms of pokies are:

  • three-reel
  • five-reel
  • progressive jackpots

Three reel slots have the lowest pay lines, and five-reels are the most popular. Five-reel slots usually offer bonus spins.

Progressive jackpot slots consist of three and five-reel slots. The casino links multiple games together to increase the jackpot.

For instance, if ten online slot machines are linked together, then each time a user places a bet, they’re adding to the overall jackpot.

The online casino will let you know if you’re playing in a progressive jackpot.

Bet Within Your Means

Online gaming should be fun. Play responsibly and make sure the money you’re betting is money you can afford to lose. Do not use your rent or grocery money to place bets. You’re doing yourself a disservice, and you can’t complain to the casino to get it back.

As mentioned earlier, vary your betting amounts to keep yourself in the game longer.

Read Online Reviews of Pokie Machines

Hopefully, this information will help you conquer online slot machines and win big. Don’t forget to reach out to us and leave a review on your favorite online casinos.