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Time Saver Tip 101: How To Bypass Automated Phone Systems

Few things in life are more frustrating than burning half your day navigating automated phone calls. It’s annoying listing to a robotic voice giving options to choose from, leading you in an eternal circle, leaving you to wonder if you’ll ever get the chance to speak to a live operator.

No doubt about it, automated phone systems can drive you crazy. The good news is you can learn how to bypass automated phone systems in a few easy steps.

Let’s take a look at how simple it can be to get through these painful calls in no time at all.

Pick an Option Not on the Menu

Here’s the first hack you should try: When an automated call begins listing option numbers, pick a number that’s NOT listed, or zero, or press “pound” twice. In most situations, this will cause the automated system to connect you directly to an operator.

You’re basically confusing the system by throwing a wrench into the selection process, thus your call will be kicked out to the first available operator.

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Pick a Name at Random

Another great hack for disrupting the automated system is to pick the name first name listed in the automated directory. Even if the name you select isn’t the person or department you need, the individual you select will likely know how to direct your call.

Call Later in the Day

Believe it or not, calling first thing in the morning is a big mistake. Many people tend to call customer service in the morning because they’ve been waiting all night needing help with whatever problem they’re having.

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Your best bet for cutting your wait time is to call between 2 PM and 4 PM. This should shorten the amount of time you have to spend on the phone and increase your chances of speaking to an actual human being.

Skip the Toll-Free Number

The next hack in our bag of tricks is to bypass the toll-free automated system altogether and call the corporate office directly. Far few people call the corporate headquarters for help with a problem, so you’re much more likely to speak to a live operator.

Go Online

Our final hack is to visit the website They have a huge database of companies, with detailed instructions to help you quickly navigate their automated phone systems.

This is a great way to speed up the process of speaking to an operator and resolving your issue without spending half your life listening to that annoying robotic voice.

Now You Know How to Bypass Automated Phone Systems!

Learning how to bypass automated phone systems is a secret that not many people are aware of. But once you learned how, you’ll never want to go back. After all, having a problem you need resolved is bad enough, but wading through endless option menus is the worst.

Use these helpful hints to reach a human faster and get on with your life!

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