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Why Forcing Yourself to “Just Be Happy” Might Just Be a Trap

Only 33% of Americans say they’re happy.

While living in such tumultuous times, it can sometimes feel impossible to look on the bright side and be happy.

But, if you’re simply trying to push on and force yourself to be happy, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

If the quest of working tirelessly to just be happy is getting you down, you’re not alone. In fact, experts say that forcing yourself to be content is the wrong approach.

Choose Acceptance Over Happiness

Trying to squash down your emotions and force a smile onto your face is doing you more harm than good.

Instead, why not try “radical acceptance”. By accepting your feelings, researchers have found that you’re less likely to feel anxious or depressed.

To start your journey, buy a journal and write down your emotions in the morning and at night.

Look at why you feel this way and what you can do to change your situation. If you can’t do anything, simply try to accept your emotions.

By forcing yourself to be happy, you’re not taking into account how you really feel and may even be avoiding ways in which you can change your situation.

In fact, if you have an accepting view of negative emotions, you’re more like to have fewer of them and give them less attention.

Don’t Sign Up to Other’s View of Happiness

Happiness is an expensive car, a large family, a golden retriever, and a huge house, right?

By signing up to someone else’s idea of happiness, we’re making ourselves unhappy.

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If you’re on a quest for a “perfect life”, give up now. This is what is making you unhappy.

Take it back a notch and focus on the basics. Sometimes, we need reminding of everything in our lives that we have to be grateful for already.

Although feeling grateful is not the same as feeling happy, we can raise how content we are with our lives.

Focus On Habits Instead of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a fool’s errand. But, implementing positive habits for the sake of a better life is the way to go.

These habits to pick up can raise our mood and may even result in happiness without it being the end goal:

Exercise keeps us feeling healthy, fit and strong. It releases endorphins in the brain and helps us see on the bright side.

Meditation has been done for hundreds of years. It helps people keep a clear mind and promotes overall emotional wellbeing.

There are many other habits to adopt, including helping others, eating healthily, and finding a higher purpose.

Don’t Just Be Happy! It’s a Trap!

It’s impossible to just be happy. But, even if it was possible, if we only ever feel happy, we’re missing out on a huge range of human emotions!

By accepting how you’re feeling, you can help raise your mood. Then, start implementing positive habits and avoid people who drag you down.

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