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Top 7 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get at a Hardware Store

A good hardware store is like a magic shop of mysteries. You don’t understand half of what it sells, but it’s somehow enchanting.

70 percent of people confess to attempting random acts of DIY. But there’s nothing quite like a trip to the hardware store to inspire a DIY session.

To make things even more exciting, here are the top 7 interesting things you didn’t know you could get at a hardware store.

Snake Siphon

If you’ve ever nearly killed yourself with a hit of gasoline, then it’s time to pick up one of these.

With a snake siphon, you can siphon a liquid by submerging one end of the tube and giving it a shake. A single trip to hardware shops like Mitre 10 stores could save you the trouble of finding out if gasoline can give you superpowers.

Whiteboard Paint

Indulge your inner child and turn your walls into a canvas — or the world’s largest reminder. Whiteboard paint is an excellent choice for creative types or for those looking to put a twist in the office boardroom. Just stay away from the permanent markers or it won’t stay pristine for long.

Self-Fusing Tape

Witchcraft or science? You decide. We only know that this stuff somehow, someway, only sticks to itself. You can stick almost anything, and you won’t find it following you when you walk away. It’s also heat resistant and can expand to many times its size.

Heat Shrink Tubes

Speaking of wizardry, this Hogwarts special is great for fixing faulty cables. Apply some heat and it will shrink, allowing you to encase wires…or fix a handle on a tennis racket. Try to come up with some other fun uses, because this wonder of physics deserves attention.

Magnetic Tape

Magnets are always good for endless hours of entertainment. And tape can solve most of life’s problems. Add them together and boom: magnetic tape.

This pliable miracle works like any tape, but its reverse side carries a magnetic strip. Now you can turn any surface into a magnetic one to organize many a small metal doodad.

Vinyl Letters

Vinyl letters are great for any number of everyday applications, but they also make fantastic building blocks for some more “out there” home decor. Use them to personalize your home with whatever word or phrase means the most to you.

Sprayable Rubber

Looking to defy more of the laws of physics than we already have? Try giving sprayable rubber a go. As the name suggests, it comes in a handy spray can. You can use it to seal (and waterproof!) anything you aim it at. Just don’t aim it at your face.

Take a Trip to the Hardware Store

Now you know to look out for these weird and wonderful items, maybe it’s time to take another trip to the hardware store? You might even uncover some exciting new treasures.

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