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Traveling Down Under: The Top Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular Australian travel destinations. With so many fun and interesting things to do in Sydney, it can be hard to narrow it down. Here is a helpful list of what to do, where to go, and the must-sees on your trip to Australia’s most famous city.

The Opera House

What list about things to do in Sydney would be complete without this famous building?

With tons of events going on throughout the year, there is bound to be something for everyone. Even if opera isn’t your thing, there are plenty of concerts, plays, and children’s activities to make sure your visit to this world heritage site is memorable. You can also take a tour of the facility.

Plus, there is a restaurant with fabulous views of the harbor. So, stop by, take a tour, and grab a bite while you marvel at the beauty of Sydney Harbor.

The Botanic Gardens

A short walk from the Opera House is Royal Botanic Gardens. Home to more than a thousand plants, you could easily spend an entire day wandering the paths, taking all of the various flora and fauna, which includes birds and reptiles native to Australia. It recently celebrated its 200th anniversary, making it the oldest scientific institute in Australia.

You could also take the 90-minute guided Aboriginal tour (be sure to make reservations) to learn more about the native peoples from Australia. While exploring the garden you will learn all about the Cadigal people, the original owners of the land in and around Sydney, including local artifacts, culture, and tasting some of the bush food. It is a great introduction to this rich and vibrant people.

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Cockatoo Island

San Francisco has Alcatraz. Sydney has Cockatoo Island.

The Prison was started in 1839 and was instrumental in establishing the colony in Sydney as many of the convicts were forced to do hard labor, including rock mining. Now it is a World Heritage site and acts as a museum highlighting the harsh realities of penal life in the 19th century.

And if a day trip isn’t enough time or want to do a little ghost hunting, the island is said to be the most haunted spot in Australia. Why not think of spending the night? You can either camp or rent one of the several houses and apartments they have on the island.

World-Class Dining and Beer

Sydney is home to some of the best restaurants and beer in the world. Between amazing seafood, great international food (especially Asian fare), and wonderful local cuisine, you are bound to find something you love. Or if you are more in the mood to taste some great craft beers and maybe discover a new favorite, why not join one of the many Sydney Brewery Tours?

These will give you a chance to see what is going on in the world of Australian beer while giving you the chance to talk with other beer lovers.

Things to Do in Sydney

These are just a few of the amazing attractions Sydney has to offer, but these things to do in Sydney will make for the perfect vacation. Don’t forget to check out the famous beaches or quaint little neighborhoods which dot Sydney’s landscape.

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For more helpful hints on how to travel light and some great destination ideas, check out the rest of our blog and travel guides. Happy traveling!