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Hack Your Entertainment: The 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Did you know 6 in 10 adults in the U.S. use online streaming to watch their t.v. and movies these days?

…Are you one of them?

Whether you are or not, here’s your list of the 10 best free movie streaming sites to get your binge fix or see the latest releases. Enjoy!

10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

1. Youtube

Wait, what?!

You read that right. Youtube is no longer just your source for hilarious cat videos.

You can now rent movies on Youtube or just watch many for free. Just go to the “movies” section of Youtube, or browse by category or genre.


  • You can leave comments below movies you watch
  • Some official Youtube channels will have free movies
  • You can rate movies


  • Free movies aren’t usually in HD
  • Free movies are sometimes harder to find
  • You may have a movie removed without notice

2. Vudu

This is a favorite as you can get many free movies in 1080p so you don’t have to sacrifice free for the sake of high quality.

While you may have to sit through some commercials, Vudu actually has thousands of films you can watch for free immediately.

It might not be your first thought when thinking of free movie streaming sites, but if you visit Vudu’s “New” page, you can browse all the free movies recently added.


  • You can rent or buy films
  • Most movies are not weird-o obscure ones
  • There are many high quality movies
  • You can filter your movie search


  • Every free movie will have ads (small price to pay when it’s free I guess)
  • Many new releases do require a fee to watch

3. Sony Crackle

This free movie streaming site is actually owned by Sony Pictures. What does this mean for you?

You can watch hundreds of free, full-length films any time, and they have actors and titles you’ll actually recognize.


  • Mobile App
  • Large selection of films
  • Many video player options
  • High quality


  • There are probably more ads with Sony Crackle than your average movie streaming site
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4. Vimeo

Similar to Youtube, Vimeo hosts thousands of films and short videos.

Vimeo is devoid of ads and boasts a more refined community so you are more likely to see many original full length or short films.


  • Super simple and easy to use
  • Thousands of movies to watch
  • Original films
  • On-Demand section to purchase movies or t.v. shows


  • For some bigger titles, you’ll probably have to pay
  • Many free films are produced by Vimeo users, with some offered that were produced by major studios

5. Tubi TV

Another App friendly choice for free movie streaming is Tubi TV.

This is a great option for any device ranging from Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Roku, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more!

Tubi TV is somewhat akin to Crackle with free movies and t.v. shows to stream.


  • “Not on Netflix” section that allows you to browse shows and movies you can’t find on your Netflix account
  • Thousands of free movies and t.v. shows to stream
  • Easy to use on a myriad of different devices


  • It’s like most any free streaming site, you’ll have to sit through a few short ads while watching

6. Popcornflix

This is another great pick for free movie streaming sites. Popcornflix has new movies coming in almost constantly from Screen Media Ventures, so you almost always have something new to choose from.

With over 1,500 movies to pick from, you have plenty of genres at your disposal.


  • 1,500 titles
  • Genres including: drama, family, romance, horror, comedy, action, foreign films, documentaries, and even film school originals
  • You don’t need an account!
  • Make GIFs from the film
  • Movies play in a large video player
  • A streaming site for kids
  • You can pin comments to specific points in your movie


  • Slightly lower video quality
  • There are no subtitles

7. Yidio

Yidio is very free-friendly. It makes searching the free videos you can stream quite user-friendly and easy.

You can search a variety of categories, including by movie rating as well as genre.


  • Read Rotten Tomatoes Scores
  • Sort by rating
  • Sort by genre
  • Search by popularity and recently added
  • Easily find free movies on a variety of sites
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  • Movies are DVD quality
  • Not all movies are free
  • There are several ads
  • Sometimes you are taken to another site to view movies

8. SnagFilms

With over 10,000 films to watch, SnagFilms is a great free movie streaming site.

SnagFilms offers a unique feature with its editor and user-curated collections.


  • Very few ads
  • Huge selection of movies to choose from
  • Works on many different devices
  • Movies are grouped in unique collections so you can find interesting new things to watch


  • Viewers cannot rate movies
  • Viewers cannot comment on films
  • No subtitles
  • Buffering can occur

9. Pluto TV

This free movie streaming site may seem rather obscure, but it’s got on-demand movies galore, as well as free live-TV streaming.

Pluto TV has content from all over the web and is definitely worth looking into.


  • 9 movie channels
  • Has 2 general channels, and 7 with the following genres: Horror 24/7, Classic movies, Black Cinema, Gravitas movies, Flicks of Fury, Action movies, The Asylum
  • Large variety of films
  • Available on multiple devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and others


  • Small on-demand library
  • Library rotates often

10. Kanopy

One great way to relax after a hard day, this unique streaming service is entirely free but does require that you have a current library card to watch movies.


  • Commercial free
  • 30,000 films
  • 200+ libraries
  • Many independent movies and documentaries


  • To view free movies, you need a library card
  • Fewer big-name titles and more independent films

This Australian is site is one of many foreign free movie streaming sites you can watch films on. You can find others here!

Other Ways to Entertain Yourself

With all these great options for free movie streaming sites, you’re sure to find a great fit for your streaming desires.

However, if you’re still looking for an interesting way to entertain yourself, or heaven forbid, your internet goes down, check out our post on The Top 7 Entertaining Things to Do When the Power Goes Out.