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6 Beach Hacks That’ll Make It Easy to Have Fun in the Sun

You’ve packed the car, actually found a bathing suit that you like, and your kids are more excited than you’ve seen them in months.

In other words: beach season is finally here.

But before you pull out of your driveway and head to the sand?

Make sure that you study up on some of the most useful beach vacation tips that you need to give everyone in your family the vacation of a lifetime.

Read on to learn more about some of the best beach hacks and summer DIYS that will help you to seriously upgrade your next trip to the shore.

From saving you time to helping you to make the most of your vacation, this post will help you to have the most fun in the sun.

1. Invest in an Umbrella Beforehand

One of the most important beach vacation tips?

As much as you might like to rent an umbrella when you get to the beach if at all possible, buy one beforehand.

First of all, this ensures that you are able to get an umbrella that’s large enough to provide the right amount of shade for your whole family.

But the real plus of coming prepared is that you’ll avoid getting seriously price gouged by paying rental fees from the umbrella rental stands at the beach.

Plus, you won’t have to fight over which member of your family is going to half to spend potentially an hour waiting in line to rent an umbrella.

2. Bag Your Electronics

Though we always recommend leaving any electronics that you can behind when you’re trying to unwind at the beach?

We understand that things like your e-reader and cell phone sometimes have to hit the shore with you. Of course, you don’t want to have to pay to replace them when your toddler randomly dumps a bucket of water on you. The same goes if you’re hit with a sudden wave or unexpected high tide.

One of our favorite beach hacks and essential vacation tips?

Make sure that you bring along several plastic baggies to store your electronics in. Whenever they’re not in use, seal them up to protect them from both the sand and the water!

3. Freeze Your Drinks the Night Before

Is there anything more annoying than finally getting your hands on a refreshing bottle of water at the beach — only to find that the sun’s rays have made it hot?

If you want to be able to enjoy a drink that’s actually refreshing, freeze your water bottles and juice boxes the night before you head out.

This way, the drinks will slowly melt once you actually get down to the beach. This will keep your drinks nice and cool for much longer.

Remember to drink about twice as much water as you think you might need. It’s incredibly easy for you or a family member to get dehydrated on the beach!

4. Bring a Kiddie Pool

Are you on the hunt for baby beach hacks?

If you’re seeking the shore with a little one in tow, we suggest bringing a kiddie pool down to the sand with you.

Your young ones — especially if they’re toddlers — may make a mad dash towards the waves at any point. If your child hasn’t yet learned how to swim, this can quickly turn into a very serious situation.

If you bring a kiddie pool, younger children and babies will still be able to enjoy the sand and the sun. And you’ll still be able to supervise them perfectly.

5. Invest in a Mesh Bag

A day at the beach is always a good time. That is until you get home and realize that you’ve brought a large portion of the beach home with you!

Unless you want to spend half of your vacation vacuuming up what seems like endless amounts of sand?

We strongly suggest that you keep toys and life jackets corralled in a mesh bag. The sand will quickly sift through the holes in the mesh, meaning you’ll have much less to clean up.

Of course, we still recommend giving your toys a quick rinse before you head back to your beach house.

6. Heal Sunburns Quickly

Whether you’re dealing with a child or an adult, there are few things that can ruin a summer vacation quite like a sunburn.

While you should always apply sunblock or try to wear a hat to protect your face?

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, you can still walk away from a day at the beach with a sunburn.

Luckily, a little aloe vera can help to heal you.

For best results, we recommend that you pick up an ice cube tray. If you have kids, try to find one in fun shapes so that they can enjoy the process. Then, fill up each tray with aloe vera, and freeze them.

Then, apply to the burned area and let the healing begin!

Use These Beach Hacks on Your Next Vacation

We hope that this post of the best beach hacks has helped you to feel much more confident about getting the most out of your next beach vacation.

Remember to take care to stay out of the sun, stay cool, and most of all, to relax and enjoy the little moments with your family!

Whether you’re driving through an ice storm or preparing for a family reunion, no matter what type of vacation you’re taking, we’re here to help you make it better.

Be sure to spend some time on our website and blog for access to some of the very best travel hacks out there.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to destinations across the globe, as well as the ones a few miles from your neighborhood!