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9 Tips for How to Propose to Your Dream Girl

One of the most important moments in life is when you propose to the girl of your dreams. You want this day and this moment to be something you both remember forever.

You may feel some pressure to plan the proposal of her dreams, but there’s really no perfect proposal. Every couple is different, so you have to think of what will work best for the two of you.

You want your proposal to be heartfelt and full of emotion, and of course, you want her to say yes! Here are some winning tips for how to propose to your girlfriend and make her the happiest girl on the planet.

Know What She Likes

Before you choose the perfect proposal, consider your girlfriend. This day is all about her, and you want it to be special.

What does she like and dislike? Consider her personality what makes her happy.

Some girls like simplicity while others would prefer an over-the-top proposal. It makes sense to take some time to plan something she will love and always remember.

You want to make it personal and make her the star of the situation. Be creative, but be yourself too.

To make your proposal memorable, think of what touches will make it special in her eyes.

Choose a Sentimental Spot

Think of a place that’s special for both of you for your proposal location. It might be where you first met, had your first kiss, or took your first trip together.

Going back to a meaningful spot for your proposal is very romantic. You could arrange for someone to take your photo as you go down on one knee.

You could have a band or string quartet play a favorite song before or as you propose. She will figure out what you are doing, but she will love the thought you put into your proposal.

Include Friends and Family

If your girlfriend is especially close to her friends and family, she might love for them to witness your proposal. You could arrange it around a family gathering, holiday celebration, or a special dinner.

If you prefer a more intimate proposal, you could arrange to have loved ones out of sight or looking on from a nearby location. Then, they can celebrate with you after she says yes.

This lets you have your special moment alone as you place the engagement ring on her finger.

Choose the Right Ring

It’s not a good idea to buy a random engagement ring without any idea of what she likes or wants. This doesn’t mean she has to pick it out, but you should have an understanding of what she likes.

You can casually talk about styles of rings with her without giving away your intentions. You can also ask a close friend or family member who knows her well to help you choose a ring and keep it a secret.

If you are trying to find the perfect ring right now, take a look at these engagement rings.

Choose Your Words Carefully

The most heartfelt things are hard for some men to say. Words matter, especially during a proposal.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple and traditional proposal if that’s what she would want. But you may want to be a bit more creative.

There are no exact right words, but you should try to express your true feelings during your proposal. This is your opportunity to let your girlfriend know why you want to marry her and spend the rest of your lives together.

Write the words down, and think about how she will feel when you say them. If you are nervous, it can help to rehearse what you plan to say so you don’t forget.

Hire a Photographer

You may want to hire a photographer to capture the special moment for you. He or she can take pictures or video your proposal without being in the middle of it.

Your girlfriend may not even know a photographer is there. And engagement photos make a wonderful surprise wedding gift.

A professional photographer will do a much better job than a family friend would do. A professional understands lighting and how to get the perfect shot to capture her surprise.

And you will always have those photos to look at and share with friends and family. If you have children, they will love looking at mom and dad way back when.

Add Some Music

If the two of you have a special song, you can incorporate it into your proposal. Having your song playing in the background is a nice touch and very romantic.

And since your song is playing, make sure you dance. No matter the spot or who’s there to see it, a slow, romantic dance after your proposal is a memory she will never forget.

Get Down on One Knee

No, getting down on one knee isn’t a requirement, but most girls would want you to. No matter how you choose to propose, try to incorporate this timeless, romantic gesture.

It is traditional, and for some, it’s old-fashioned. But there’s nothing more romantic than getting down on one knee and proposing to the love of your life.

Avoid Putting the Ring in Food

You may have seen this proposal method in the movies, but it’s not a good idea. In fact, this is a good way to lose the engagement ring.

Even worse, she could chip a tooth or choke on the ring. If you choose to go the silly route, make sure you add some emotion to your proposal as well.

How to Propose

There’s no right or wrong way to propose. These days people propose to each other in so many different ways.

You can propose on a romantic trip, at a sentimental location, at an event, through technology, or even at home. The important thing is to consider what she would want and plan accordingly.

Here’s to a romantic proposal, a beautiful wedding, and a long, happy marriage.