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5 Tips for Better Sex and a Healthier Marriage

A marriage can run into many sorts of little problems along the road to happiness. Sex, unfortunately, is a common one.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

As much as sex can fall into a routine, it doesn’t have to be routine. You can try new things with your partner to make your special times even more special.

Sex is the ultimate form of physical love, so if you love your partner and want to let them know it, you may want to pay close attention.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for better sex so you don’t have to keep on guessing and hoping that your sex life gets magically spicier.

Let’s talk about that.

1. Communication is Key

You talk to your partner every day or almost every day. You talk about dishes and laundry, the kids and the company you’re having over.

So why wouldn’t you talk about your sex life?

Many people can find it uncomfortable to talk about likes and dislikes in bed.

But once you realize that you are talking to the person least likely to judge you, the person who wants to know what you want so they can give it to you, it all seems way less scary.

The easiest way to start is to open a dialogue when you have some time just to the two of you. Ask them what they like about what you do in bed. Then ask them if there is anything they wish you would do.

Ask them if it is okay if you share your feelings with them. Remember, this is a dialogue, not a monologue. Don’t go into it with a personal agenda. Leave your expectations at the door.

Listen to them, and really take their opinion into account. They’ll thank you later.

2. Do Your Research

If you are reading this article, then congratulations! You are already doing step 2. But you may want to take it hand in hand with step 1.

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Once your partner has told you some of the things they are looking for in bed, you have opened the door to honest communication.

The trouble now is, how can you make sure that you are doing the things they want the way they want you to?

If you have never experimented with the sorts of stuff your significant other is into, it can be nerve-wracking to navigate.

You may have seen some of the things they mention is adult films, but adult films and real life are two very different things.

This blog has tons of tips and tricks for you to really wow your partner and lets them know you want them to be satisfied, and that you care.

3. Toys, Toys, Toys

Learning new ways to have sex is great, but sometimes it can be extra special and sexy when you throw some technology into the mix.

Vibrators are a great start- they come in all shapes and sizes, they’re fun, and most importantly, you can start small if you’re intimidated.

Be sure to talk things through with your partner- you don’t want to scare them by surprising them with something they weren’t down for.

Shopping online for toys with your partner can be both a bonding experience and a way to be sure it is a mutual decision- let them take the lead looking for toys that would be used on them.

The most important thing to remember with toys is to take it slow- it’s better to take your time and make sure you feel safe and comfortable than to jump right in and get burned.

4. A Little Flirt, A Little Tease

Another way to keep things nice and spicy is to upset the routine.

Flirt with each other throughout the day. Send pictures of yourself, whether they’re naughty or just you looking nice.

Let them know that you think they are beautiful, ravishing even. Tell them what you want to do to them later.

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If you are about to take a shower, invite them in. Don’t limit your thoughts and words to the bedroom.

A little flirting throughout the day can go a long way. Don’t feel embarrassed to express your desire for your partner to your partner.

Foreplay can last all day through texts and sweet nothings so that by the time you get home, you’re ready to jump all over each other!

5. Be Less Stressed

Have you ever wondered why vacations are so much more romantic than being at home?

It can be the new surroundings or the fresh air, but chances are, it’s because you threw away your routine for a few days with nothing to do.

This may sound like a silly idea, but when you try to reduce stress throughout your life, you can bring your best self into the relationship, and therefore the bedroom.

Try to improve your overall mental health. You and your partner can practice being mindful together and even meditating together.

Finding wholesome activities to do as a couple can really help you two connect to each other and therefore connect more in the bedroom.

The Bottom Line

No matter what you and your partner are into, the most important thing in any sexual encounter is honesty and communication.

If you are uncomfortable at any time, let your partner know.

It is better to have a moment of awkwardness than an uncomfortable experience that will be stuck in your head next time, which can lead to more problems, and be a block between you.

If you found that our tips for better sex have made your sex life better, have your partner read this article so they know what you are trying to do for them and with them.

For more tips and tricks on living happy and healthy, you can check us out here.