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4 Home Selling Hacks You Need to Know

As the average person moves nearly a dozen times in their life, you’re bound to find yourself moving and having to sell your house. When you’ve found the perfect job or locale to take you somewhere new, you might need to sell your home quickly. If the market is slow, a few home selling hacks can ensure your home sells fast.

Follow these 4 hacks to ensure you get the price you deserve for your property when you need it.

1. Take Great Photos

One of the biggest components of your house sale will be whether or not you’ve taken a great set of photos. Strong photos make any old house look like a home that a buyer could imagine living in. The whole point of your photos should be to convey a home with a character all its own.

To ensure your photographer can get good images, take out any clutter and try to move out anything that links it to your personality. You want people to be able to project their own lives into the home.

Put your best images on social media and make sure they can be shared, in case anyone in your network needs a new house.

2. Turn Quirks Into Selling Points

Every home has its own quirks. Whether you’ve got a dumbwaiter that’s still intact or a small maid’s quarters off to the edge of your house, turn those into clever selling points.

If you’ve got an interesting backyard, be sure to show that off in photos.

Suggest to potential buyers that they could rent out the extra space part-time or they could do something fun with the quirky additions. Don’t let these things drag down your sale. In fact, use them to make your house more marketable.

3. Watch The Market

When you’re looking to sell your house, you should first get into the mind of a potential buyer. Look at the market for homes similar to yours to get an idea of how you should price your property.

If you’ve got a leg up on another nearby property, price higher. If you objectively don’t, be realistic with yourself or wait for the market to improve. To learn more about how housing markets work, see more here.

4. Offer A Cash Discount

One clever way to get your home sold quick is to offer a cash discount. If someone is willing to pay you for your property via their own savings rather than going through a bank, you could both save on fees.

You’d be surprised at how many people have been saving up enough for their dream home and are willing to be rewarded for it.

Home Selling Hacks Can Get That Money Moving

Home selling can be stressful and competitive when you’re also worried about moving into your next house. Even if you’re not worried about having to change jobs or move the kids to another school, selling your house takes patience and marketing savvy. Use our hacks and you’ll be sure to get what you deserve for your home and start settling into your new place without hassle.

If you’re finding the whole process anxiety-inducing, check out our guide to managing your anxiety during the moving process.