backyard fun for kids

5 Awesome Hacks to Make Your Backyard Fun for Kids

With Netflix, social media, and even games for your smartphone, it seems like kids tend to stay inside more often these days than they used to.

While there’s nothing wrong with a little digital fun, it may be important to make sure your kids spend some quality time outside.

Especially if you’re approaching Spring and Summer weather in your area, it’s time to think about all of the backyard fun for kids waiting outside.

Take a look at these five awesome hacks we’ve gathered for getting your kids off the PlayStation and into the sun.

1. Outdoor Toys

It may seem like a no-brainer, but any toys not plugged into an outlet, are probably just as good for your backyard.

If you’re looking for some cool stuff to play with, just look in your garage.

Do you have a play tea set lying around? Take it outside for an outdoor tea party with the stuffed animals instead of in the bedroom.

How about that old laser tag set that’s just collecting dust? Usually, you think of indoor laser tag but take it outside for a bit of a natural obstacle course and cover. You could even make it a nighttime round for a bit of extra tension.

2. Water Fun

Things like Slip ‘N Slides, kiddie pools, and water guns are obvious choices for hot, outdoor fun.

It doesn’t have to stop at store-bought items, though. Ever considered the vast possibilities of your garden-variety water hose?

Given a handle with enough variable options, a simple hose could be an endless afternoon of water fights.

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3. Outdoor Sports

Other than toys, some outdoor sports can provide fun backyard activities for kids that also promote healthy exercise.

If you have a volleyball net lying around, consider putting it up and either playing on the soft grass (hoping you have soft grass) or make a pit and lay down some fresh sand for a more beachy vibe.

A volleyball set would be fun for the adults, too, as you can have some outdoor activities for a family bar-b-que in the future.

If it’s baseball season, just lay some odds and ends that look like bases in a diamond pattern, and bam, you’ve got Fenway Park in your own backyard.

4. Play Logs

If you or someone you know is having trees removed, through companies like 770-Tree-Guy, think about all of the wood that can come out of that.

Not only might you have enough wood for a treehouse or fort, but those stumps could be used for pretend drums.

Remember the old play tea set we talked about? Well, now you have nature’s own table and chairs.

5. Homemade Swing Sets

Swings are versatile as they can be both exciting and peaceful.

You don’t need to go to the park or buy an expensive swing set, though. There are a lot of tutorials out there to put together DIY swings. Some ideas for materials are:

  • Tires
  • Skateboards
  • Plastic crates
  • Buckets

Of course, you’ll need rope and a sturdy frame, tree, or something similar, but there are a lot of household items that can be used for seats and materials.

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Just make sure that you follow some thorough tutorials and exercise caution and safety.

Backyard Fun for Kids and More Life Hacks and Tips

If you’ve been searching for backyard fun for kids, hopefully, these five ideas gave you a step in the right direction. Not everything has to cost a fortune either.

To continue improving the lives of you and those kids you’re trying to push out the door, check out some more of our life hacks and tips.