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The Benefits of Taking Honors Classes for Your Education and Career

You know that you’re smart enough for honors classes. You’re even interested in much of the subject matter on the potential syllabus.

But you’re also wondering:

Is taking honors classes in high school really worth it? And will it really help me to get into the college of my dreams?

Remember that it’s never too early to start planning for your future. Taking high school honors classes is the perfect way to get off on the right foot.

In this post, we’ll tell you why honors classes are a challenge that you shouldn’t shy away from them.

1. You’ll Show You’re not Afraid of a Challenge

Like it or not, there’s certainly no denying that getting into college is only becoming more competitive.

And unfortunately, this hyper-competitive atmosphere doesn’t usually end when you graduate from college.

These days, you’ll need to have a long history of being a stand-out student and previous employee if you want to have a shot at landing the job of your dreams.

Showing not just college admissions counselors, but even places where you want to intern, that you’re not afraid of a challenge is one of the biggest benefits of honors classes in high school.

The people reviewing your application will see that you like to push yourself, and that you’re not interested in taking the easy way out. You’ll show that you’re willing to work hard and make sacrifices in order to get what you want.

You’ll also let them know where your priorities are — studying so you can have the best future, not partying.

That sounds exactly like the kind of candidate that be interested in accepting or hiring.

2. You’ll Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

When you decide to enroll in high school honors classes, you’re telling colleges and potential employers about the kinds of people you want to surround yourself with.

You’ll also learn from your peers about new ways to think, topics questions you’d never have thought of on your own, and even how to lift up the ideas of others that you might find clash with your own.

In short, you’ll start making the right kinds of connections as early as you can.

Plus, this atmosphere of collaboration doesn’t have to end once you leave the classroom.

These days, there are all kinds of awesome online communities where students taking honors classes can connect. You’ll get access to study tips and guides, learn about scholarship opportunities, and much more.

To learn more about how to connect digitally with other honors students and teachers, visit the Honor Society website.

3. You’ll Benefit from Personal Growth

No matter your age or where you come from, the truth is that we all struggle with doubt from time to time.

And while taking honors classes in high school definitely won’t make this go away, it can help you to feel a lot more confident about your abilities. This is true both inside and outside of the classroom.

You’ll learn how to trust in yourself, how to go with your gut, and even how to think critically. You’ll also learn to question commonly-held beliefs, and understand what shapes human thoughts and opinions.

You’ll get exposure — which means you’ll be comfortable with — rigorous academic environments. You’ll also learn about the value of getting a little bit competitive with your peers every once in a while.

In short, you’ll experience a major amount of personal growth. We’re willing to bet that, by the end of the year, you’ll have accomplished things that you never thought you’d actually be able to.

What’s not to love about that?

4. You’ll Get more Individual Attention

Another reason why you should consider high school honors classes?

Because you’ll get much more personalized attention than you might have if you stuck with the regular curriculum.

Honors courses are often much smaller than traditional classes, mainly because the academic requirements to take them are so high. This means that a teacher is much more likely to notice if you’re struggling.

And even if the subject in which you’re taking honors courses isn’t something that you’re necessarily interested in pursuing down the line?

This individualized attention will teach you how to ask for help, and direct you towards the learning style that’s right for you. This will serve you well in whatever subject you decide to focus on later in life.

It will also help to keep you accountable.

After all, it’s much harder to slack off and prevent the teacher from noticing and being concerned about slipping grades in a smaller classroom.

You’ll also notice that your accomplishments in honors classes are given much more attention than they might be otherwise. This is a huge boost for your self confidence, and will encourage you to push yourself even more in the future.

Are you Ready to Enroll in Honors Classes?

We hope that this post has shown you just a few of the many benefits of honors classes in high school.

Though taking honors classes in high school might not always be the easy choice, it’s one that will serve you professionally and personally.

Remember, above all, an academic challenge is a promise to yourself, and a way to hold yourself to a high standard.

Are you ready to start studying for your honors classes?

If so, check out these tips for some major help. And be sure to stay tuned into our blog for everything from dating advice to career advice to lifestyle tips.