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Must-Have First Aid Supplies: A Checklist

Even if your area doesn’t experience natural disasters or power outages, it’s important you’re prepared. The Red Cross suggests that all offices and homes have a well-stocked first aid kit ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Are you prepared? Read on for a checklist of first aid supplies your kit needs to include.

Adhesive Bandages

If nothing else, you need to prepare for smaller, common injuries like cuts or bruises. Exposure to microbes in the air is all it takes to turn a harmless cut into an infected wound.

Keep the area safe with a well-stocked supply of adhesive bandages, including gauze and Tegaderm film. These bandages keep injury sites clean and infection-free and you only need to change them once or twice per day.

Rubber Gloves

It’s always a good idea to have a few pairs of rubber gloves on hand. Not only are they helpful if a makeshift surgery needs to happen, but they’re resistant to electricity.

You should have at least six to ten pairs of rubber gloves in your first aid supplies kit.

Bottled Water

Did you know that most people are dehydrated? That’s just in everyday life where we always have access to water. Imagine how dehydrated you’d become if the water became undrinkable or inaccessible.

Pack away a few bottles of water to be safe. Bottled water has a long shelf-life and tends to be purified so you won’t have to worry about contracting a waterborne illness.

Allergy Medication

Be it peanut, grass, dust, or dandruff, most of us suffer from at least one type of allergy.

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During an allergy attack, it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe. In some cases, the throat may even close, making breathing impossible.

First aid supplies should include basic allergy medication as well as an EpiPen. You’re far better off safe than sorry.


Let’s say your power goes out. Sure, it’s not the worst disaster in the world, but it can still be dangerous. It just takes one wrong step to break a bone and injure yourself.

Candles are great, but they don’t provide nearly enough light, especially if you’re on the move.

Pack an LED flashlight and a few extra batteries so you’ll never have to brave the darkness.


There’s no end to how one can use a tarp. In a pinch, a tarp can be used for shelter, to cover a window, or even as a makeshift poncho.

Grab a tarp from your local big box store. They only cost a few dollars but are invaluable.


Every first aid supplies kit needs to include non-perishable food items. These would be freeze-dried rations, however, canned goods can work in a pinch.

Should you go with the latter, make sure to include a Swiss army knife or can opener to open the food. And be sure to check out our list of food hacks for preparing and seasoning food.

Are Your First Aid Supplies Well-Stocked?

These seven items may not seem like much, but many are multi-functional and can even save a life in a pinch. Stay safe and prepare for the worst!

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