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10 Essential Online Betting Tips You Need to Know About

Online sportsbooks and casinos have made their way back into the mainstream – and created a gold rush for those applying sound online betting tips.

Americans ponied up an estimated 116.9 billion dollars of gambling loss in 2016. A healthy chunk of that is going into online betting. However, with the right tips, you can turn those losses into wins.

Are you one of these online gamblers? Looking for an edge? We’ve collected the best online betting tips bound to help with those odds.

Note: We take no responsibility or liability for losses you may experience while using online gambling sites.

Become a High Roller: 10 Online Betting Tips to Lock Your Wagers

There are many professional gamblers earning a living. There are more losers left with their heads hung in shame. The house has the odds in their favor. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t better your odds by using online betting tips.

Here are the ten tips you need to know.

#1: Know What You’re Playing (and How It’s Played)

Casino games earn a healthy chunk of their revenue from inexperienced gamblers. These are the type of people willing to play the game for “fun” because they haven’t tried it, or it “looked neat.”

There are many online gambling opportunities:

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Sports Betting
  • Roulette
  • Bingo
  • Lottery

Each has their set of rules and odds. There are different types of betting, too, like “in play betting” or “spread betting.”

To avoid losing money:

  • Practice the game you intend to play
  • Don’t bet on games you don’t understand

Find a free gambling site to practice on or play using an app. Read and study rules and strategy until you know them by heart.

#2: Sleep

Many gamblers prefer playing whales from Eastern countries during the late night hours. The late hours usually provide the highest activity.

However, irregular sleep cycles lead to decreased mental performance.

Zone in:

  • Get a full 8 hours of sleep
  • Flip your sleep schedule to your online activities

#3: Follow the Communities

Online bookies combine two of our favorite American pastimes:

  • Gambling
  • Football

Many fantasy football players want to up the ante. They are already putting money on the line among friends and on fantasy football sites.

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To get better at betting on fantasy leagues:

  1. Open a browser tab to one of the many fantasy football websites
  2. Open another tab with W88 live football and games
  3. Watch the game and read the real-time league discussions

Doing so will help you understand athlete performance and fantasy league player’s selection. You will gain a better understanding of the game. Plus, you’ll learn to use the emotional connections players use to place bets to your advantage.

#4: Bet Big

The house has a statistical edge the longer you play.

Betting big — despite chancing a loss — maximizes your percentage of beating the house. You won’t “bleed” money or keep making FOMO (fear of missing out) bets.

#5: Follow the News

Imagine that a key player is absent from the game when you’re betting on a fantasy league. You’ve placed bets — but things don’t look like they’ll go well.

Knowing what happens to players off the field is important. A sick horse will change the odds in a horse race. Legal troubles can stop a player from participating. Flight delays could stop entire games.

  • Set alerts for teams, players, and industry news
  • Follow fan pages and player social media profiles

Keep in mind that terms, games, and pay scales change all the time.

A Brief Pause: Bet What You Won’t Mind Losing

We can’t stress the importance of staying level-headed with online gambling.

This means:

  • Gambling money you can live without
  • Taking a break/breather after a major loss
  • Avoiding emotions at the (virtual) table

There are ways to mitigate loss through diversification and money management.

Hedge your side bets in alternative markets or low-risk gambles. If slots are your main game, then play a couple rounds of blackjack. Table games have a statistically higher chance of winning.

Likewise, manage money by setting budgets and limits. This will reduce major losses or help see you through a bad run.

Back to the tips…

#6: Use Reputable Betting Sites

Read online reviews to find reputable betting sites. Otherwise, try Reddit’s /r/gambling where users discuss betting tips and legit sites.

Also, use the “gut test”:

  • Does the site look and feel like a scam?
  • Did you find it on a shady site or blog post?
  • Is it lacking credibility signals?
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If one or more of these is true, don’t risk it. Get away.

#7: Stay Objective

There are several factors toying with your emotions:

  • Playing against regular, better players
  • Long losing streaks
  • Fanaticism vs. logic

Many recommend avoiding bets when personal vendettas or attachments are involved. This includes betting on favorite teams or tables/machines. Remove the emotion and you’ll approach the activities with an objective mindset, not swayed by wild percentages or personal “beef.”

#8: Bet to Win

Some hold onto the idea of “have fun when gambling” as a way to justify losing money.

No. Set the intention that you’re there to win. This takes the “fun” out of the activity and by doing so you’ll place bets based on their odds and value.

#9: Find Better Odds

It’s okay to start with one gambling site when to learn the basics. But you should branch out as you improve to have access to better odds.

Different sites offer different odds for the same games.

Doing so:

  • Presents an objective look at the game
  • Increases earnings if the bet was good

Track the odds by keeping sites open between browser tabs. Otherwise, create a spreadsheet for reference.

#10: Follow Proven Winners

Take the guesswork out of betting by following proven winners. These are the types likely spending all their time researching the odds. Conquer your negative thinking about gambling by leveraging their efforts.

Many gambling sites have social elements:

  • Network with fellow gamblers
  • Ask for their tips
  • Track their gambling activity

This isn’t a guaranteed way to win in tandem with their bets. But it could improve your odds considering they have a proven track record.

Watch Out for Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s fallacy is a psychological mindset you may develop with gambling. This is believing a win will happen based on positive past performance. It’s a common reason people lose.

Don’t like the way your online gambling habits are going? Stop. Change your habits and know when to walk away.

Online gambling is fun but you should understand the risks. Apply these online betting tips to your advantage if you want to beat the bank.

What do you think of these tips? Contact us and let us know!