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7 Ways To Lead A Less Stressful Lifestyle

If you are like millions of other people, you need to live a less stressful life. We are not trying to stress you out — but your stress might cause some severe health problems! Some of the most common symptoms of being stressed include high blood pressure, stomach pain, headaches, and insomnia.

As you can see, too much stress can have damaging effects on your physical and mental health. Because of the implications, you should do everything in your power to reduce the stress in your life. Fear not, we have seven ways that you can cut down on the pressure and enjoy life a little more.

Let’s dive in and look at what you can start doing TODAY to bring down the stress levels in your life.

1. Watch what You Eat

When you think of food and stress, you might think, “I can probably finish that whole pizza.” We tend to think this way because when we are stressed, we enjoy eating out favorite comfort foods. Sadly, what is comfortable for us is also horrible for our body.

Instead of turning to the mac and cheese with sour cream and extra cheese when you are stressed consider eating food that is good for you. There are easy ways to make smart decisions about what you eat. It helps to keep healthy food on hand.

Look for foods that are high in fiber and carbohydrates. Science has shown that carbs urge the brain the produce serotonin — a hormone that causes the body to relax in stressful situations.

If you keep something simple around like pre-cut carrots, celery, and cucumbers you have a perfect snack that you can eat right away. Not only will a healthy diet help you lead a less stressful life, but it is also a great way to stay fit and physically healthy.

2. Deep Breath

Have you ever been in a situation and someone told you to calm down and take a deep breath? We have all felt this way at one time or another, but where does this idea come from?

Believe it or not, controlling your breathing is an essential step in managing your whole body. The key is to stop thinking about everything around you and focus on your breaths. Close your eyes and count your inhales and your exhales. As you get closer to 10, you will feel the tension melt from your body.

Controlling your breathing is a great practice tool for centering your mind. Practice controlled breathing often, and you will get better!

3. Organize

Clutter can be harmful to your health and mind. If you have ever gone to work and noticed that everything was in chaos — you know the feeling. You just want to get one thing done, but you have no idea where anything is at. Situations like this are stressful!

You can’t control every facet of your life, for example, work may be messy and disorganized when you come in some days. However, don’t let that stop you from organizing your life where you can make changes!

If you have a messy room in your house take the time each day to move, organize, and clean part of one room. As the room comes together, you will feel as if you have more control over another part of your life. That little bit of control can help make your situation less stressful.

4.Take a Break

Another common trend associated with people who are ALWAYS stressed is that they are constantly busy. Sometimes it’s nice to be busy and have a jam-packed day — but not all the time.

The problem many people run in to is that they start overworking because it gives them a greater sense of value. They work because they feel like they are helping someone else and it deflects away from their own stress and issues. The problem is eventually you are going to have to stop and find out what you were so stressed about from the start.

You need to pick a day or two out of the week and just relax. You’ve earned it.

5. Pick Up a Hobby

Is there something that you have always wanted to do but never had the time? Maybe it is finally time you went after that hobby you have been dreaming of for months or even years.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to crochet, build miniature figurines, learn yoga, or anything in between. If you are not spending enough time pursuing your own interests, this could cause a build-up of stress in your life.

You have to take time to live your life for yourself and no one else. Get out there and learn something new. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

6. Focus on the “Now”

Sadly, there are many people who can’t help but overthink. If you consider yourself this type of person, you already know the toll this mentality can take on your life.

Try to stay focused on the “now.” When people start overthinking they tend to create fictional situations in their mind based on things that haven’t happened. This is no way to live. You deserve better, and you are not contributing to a stress-free life.

You are not a mind-reader. There is no way that you can see what is going to happen next in your life. Don’t ever stress over something that has not occurred yet.

7. Get Enough Sleep

If you want to start focusing on a less stressful life, consider your sleep schedule. Some people fall into a vicious cycle of insomnia, starting their day late, feeling mentally exhausted all day, and then more stress builds up causing the cycle to repeat.

A good nights sleep can change everything. Start practicing laying down early. Limit your use of electronics, and keep your room dark. Eventually, you will start falling asleep sooner than you normally would. Sometimes, getting enough sleep is all you need.

Never underestimate the power of a good nights rest.

Less Stressful Days Start Now!

You are in control of your destiny. You have the power to change the way that you think and handle stress.

If you are willing to put the effort in you can change your life for the better and lead a less stressful life. Remember — you don’t have to change everything at once. Work on gradual changes, and you WILL make progress.

We have faith in you.

Let us know your ideas on how to reduce stress! Want more tips to reduce your stress and make your life better? Visit our blog today!