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Top 7 Football Betting Tips for Beginners

You’ve been watching football for ages and are ready to start putting some money where your mouth is!

But where do you start? What does all the different lingo mean? Betting on football doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Since this hobby involves potentially losing or earning money, it is important to be strategic and knowledgeable about the process.

Read on for 7 football betting tips!

1. Have A Realistic Budget

It is almost inevitable that you will lose money while learning the art of football betting. Just like any other type of betting, you have the potential to lose money. Before you start betting, know your absolute financial limit and never exceed it.

2. Watch Football

That might seem like a cliche, dead giveaway tip but it’s valid! In order to have a higher success rate while betting on football games, it’s ideal to live and breathe the sport. Thoroughly understanding the sport will prepare you to predict and foreshadow sudden changes.

3. Go With Your Gut (Sometimes)

While starting out in the world of football betting, it is crucial to understand and identify when it’s time to bet with your gut and when it’s not. When you’re first starting out, you’re not going to be a pro at understanding betting patterns. It would be unrealistic to think you would be when you started betting.

So how do you place bets? Set aside time to do your research! Soak up all the information you can and seek out football betting tips about the patterns that are most common. It is also important to take into account the different external factors that affect wins/losses.

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As you gain more experience in betting, you’ll be able to better predict outcomes. Give yourself time and your gut will lead you to the gold (aka the money).

4. Don’t Take Tout Shortcuts

In the early stages of your football betting research, you’ve probably come across the option of using a tout service. Tout services offer to pick out what bet on based on their research.

Websites that offer this tend to be a waste of money and time. More often than not, touts promise amazing results at minimal prices. In reality, touts don’t offer any better results than you doing the research and analysis yourself.

If you’re thinking about getting into football betting, be prepared to set aside time to research and plan. It’s a hobby and hobbies take time to learn and understand! Don’t sell yourself short by hiring a service to make your bets for you.

If, after all of your research, you still want to use a tout service, make sure it’s trustworthy and been successfully used by others. Look for reviews and ask around the football betting community for direction when using a tout service.

5. Bet Smart

Once you get the betting bug, it might feel like you need to bet on every available game. Don’t! Football betting is similar to chess.

This site recommends a mix of betting exchanges and bookmakers.

You want to be strategic with your moves and bets. It’s smart to do your research and narrow down the best games to bet on based on your research and your intuition. Betting just to bet would almost inevitably ruin your ratio of wins to losses in your betting history.

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6. Think About the Underdog!

If you haven’t done a ton of research on a game you’re thinking of betting on, it’s easy to just bet on the favorite team playing. This could be doing you a huge disservice!

Don’t rule out the underdog. It is possible for an underdog team to come into a game with an overwhelming thirst to come back from their winning streak. Make sure you pay attention to underdog teams and the work they’ve put into re-strategizing their approach to the game.

7. Have Fun and Look For More Football Betting Tips

If you enjoy football, betting can be super fun and have a monetary incentive. It’s a win-win for the football enthusiasts! It is important to keep in mind that, similar to learning anything new, it’ll take time to learn that progress over perfection is a key lesson to learn. Remember to make smart and wise bets and in the long run, you’ll reap the benefits of learning a new hobby and skill!

Also, adopt an always-learning mentality when it comes to betting. There are a ton of factors that go into betting and seeking out more football betting tips will only expand your knowledge and make you more successful.

Happy betting!