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When Should I Shop? A Guide to the Best Holiday Sales All Year Long

If you’ve ever bought anything on the internet, you know that searching for deals can be tough — like needle in a haystack-type tough.

But what you may not know is that most of the holiday sales that exist in brick and mortar stores are also available on the internet.

So taking advantage of these great deals no longer means spending part of your holiday weekend at the mall.

Best Times to Nab Holiday Sales Deals

Of course, you can access discounts all year long through specific websites using a coupon or promo code. And that’s great if chance upon a particular item at an amazing price.

But there’s still something cool about getting a deal on a holiday. It’s like icing on the cake. So we’ll take a look at the best times throughout the year to get these deals.

October through December

Although not a three-day weekend for many, you’ll find good deals on Columbus Day weekend in mid-October. So keep an eye out for discounts on clothing and home goods during this weekend.

Retailers really start gearing up in November. And though Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving was once considered the biggest internet sale day, that has shifted over the years.

While you’ll find sales on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the biggest deals on the internet are actually on Thanksgiving Day. So head to your laptop or device before the food coma hits to score some amazing deals.

The days leading up to Christmas are peppered with deals. But it’s December 26th through January 1st where retailers run big sales to get rid of merchandise.

January to March

Things die down after the first of the year for a bit.

But the long weekend that comprises Martin Luther King Jr. Day gives folks another day off and retailers an opportunity to runs sales to attract shoppers that day.

Presidents Day rolls around in February has been long known as the holiday for mattress and appliance sales.

March is tricky. If Easter falls during March or the very beginning of April, the lead-up to it will be abundant with sales. But most years, Easter is in April.

April to June

As we mentioned above, the week approaching Easter Sunday is a big sales week. This is especially the case for websites that sell spring attire, flowers, ca, dy and other accessories.

If you’re looking for good deals on jewelry, you might want to wait for the May week or two leading up to Mother’s Day. And Memorial Day at the end of the month has traditionally been a big weekend for appliance sales.

As June approaches, think Father’s Day. Even if you’re not buying for dad, this is the perfect time to find sales from home-improvement, computer and technology sites.

July to September

Before the internet, stores found that staying open on the Fourth of July brought in shoppers who had the day off. Since websites are always open, retailers take advantage of this holiday to run sales.

August doesn’t have any big holiday, but during this month, many states enact “no sales tax weekends” where certain items are exempt from sales tax.

And finally, Labor Day weekend is a great time to save on kid’s clothing and supplies, since companies are trying to clear out any back-to-school items that didn’t sell.

Get Amazing Deals All Year Long

Taking advantage of holiday sales is an effective way to save money all year long. That’s worth celebrating all by itself!

For more awesome ways to save money, read through the helpful articles on our money and finances blog. And watch your savings grow.