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7 Incredible Shopping Hacks to Help You Save Money on the Kids

It’s no secret that taking care of kids is an expensive job. It’s estimated that it takes over $230,000 to raise a single child. This number will continue to increase as the years go on.

Between clothes, toys, food, school supplies, trips, tutors, and more, it’s no wonder that kids take a lot of money to support. But there are ways that you can save a significant amount of money without having to become an extreme couponer or dedicate your life to finding deals.

You’re probably already looking for sales and at clearance items. What else can you do to save money when shopping for your kids?

Following a few shopping hacks and trends can save you hundreds of dollars per year while still allowing you to provide your child with food, clothes, and fun. Keep reading to learn our top 10 tips on how to find discounts and the best deals for your kids.

1. Buy Clothes Off Season

It’s tempting to wait until a season is upon us to go and get clothes for it. Buying bathing suits in June, winter coats in November, etc.

But this is actually costing you a lot of money: as a season approaches, retailers will increase the cost of that season’s clothing in order to make money. It makes sense.

What also makes sense is that things that are off-season are usually discounted. Try to buy winter clothes in the middle of summer or bathing suits in the dead of winter to get the best deals.

This idea doesn’t apply to only clothing either. Christmas decorations will be discounted during most months that aren’t November or December, school supplies will usually be less in the middle of the school year, pool toys cost less in October than they will in July, etc.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Thrift Stores

People can be wary about thrift stores because they think the items are old or low quality. While this can be true for some things that you find at thrift stores, it isn’t always the case.

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In fact, you can find great and high-quality clothes, shoes, books, furniture and more at thrift stores for a fraction of the price of normal retail stores.

3. High-Quality Pays off in the Long Run

Getting the cheapest option isn’t always the one that’s going to save you money in the long run. Cheaper items can sometimes wear out faster, which means you’ll be spending more money to replace it when you could’ve gone with something made better that would last longer.

This is true of certain clothing items like coats, shoes, and jackets. You can also apply this to things like toys: cheap plastic toys will break much quicker than things made with high-quality materials.

Investing in a few essential items that are of a high-quality will save you money in the long run.

4. Shop Around Online

There’s a reason that almost 80% of people online shop: the deals and the convenience of shopping online save you money and make things easier. You don’t have to schlepp your whole family to the mall to buy overpriced clothes anymore.

You can take your time looking for the best deals on clothes, shoes, toys, books, and more. In a retail store, you’ll only have a few options and one set price. Online, however, you’ll have access to hundreds of different retailers so you can search for exactly what you need at the lowest price.

Many websites offer extra deals that you wouldn’t find in person as well. Kids shoes from Kit and Kate, for example, are available at a fraction of retail prices with extra deals available.

5. Dollar Stores Are Your Friend

Like thrift stores, dollar stores get a bad rap. But if you’re on a budget, these stores can save you a lot of money.

Things like books and even children’s toys are super cheap at stores like this. Coloring books, crayons, markers, even PlayDough can be found at dollar stores for much less than at toy retailers.

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Look for school supplies here as well. Pens, paper, notebooks, and folders can all be purchased for much less than at big retailers.

6. Buy Things in Bulk

You’ve probably heard this money saving tip before. Things are cheaper when you buy in bulk.

Certain things that have to do with your kids are worth buying in bulk. US News reports that office and school supplies are excellent items to buy in bulk. Another school year always rolls around; instead of buying a few pens each year, buy a large multi-pack so you’ll be prepared in the future while also saving by buying in bulk.

This is also true for things all kids, and you as a parent, need: toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo are all listed by US News as being worth it to buy in bulk.

7. Use Social Media

This might seem weird. How can social media help you save money?

The norm used to be that companies would advertise sales and coupons in newspapers, magazines, flyers, and more. But now that we’ve entered the digital age, many companies have taken to announcing sales and offering coupons and deals through their social media pages.

Follow stores and brands on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and any other social media pages that you can think of. You’re bound to find sales, special coupons, deals, and offers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bottom Line: These 7 Shopping Hacks Will Save You Money

When you have kids, you want to give them everything they need and more. Providing for them is more difficult than just giving them things they want, though. You have to make a budget and stick to it to make sure all of their (and your) needs are met.

That’s why these shopping hacks are so helpful. They’re simple and easy ways to save money on things that your kids need.

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