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15 Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life

Are you looking for an easy way to truly change your life?

The wonderful thing about self improvement is the basic fact that we can always change–and do so for the better. You also have the power to change your life around without breaking the bank or having an epiphany moment.

The change, of course, comes about from your effort and your desire to improve, whether you want to change your appearance, personal health, lifestyle, or relationships.

Read on to learn about fifteen self improvement tips that actually work, and simply require a conscious effort to implement.

1. Change One Habit You Don’t Like

We are all creatures of routine. While habits can give us a sense of comfort and even help with productivity, we can also cultivate habits that send us backward rather than forwards.

Write down a list of habits you rely on daily–both good and bad. Take a look at the bad ones. Choose one you don’t like and then establish a habit of getting rid of it. (Hint: try replacing it with a good habit).

2. Exercise for Strength and Stress-Reduction

The media places so much pressure on men and women to be skinny, ripped, and otherwise godly. It can be easy to exercise with these images in mind.

Try exercising with the goal of strength and stress reduction. Exercise helps us process emotions, gives us more energy, and reduces stress. Changing your perspective on why you are exercising can give you more motivation for doing it–and turn it into a positive experience.

3. Eat One More Serving of Fruits And Vegetables A Day

You should eat between five and thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You may short of the minimum, or somewhere in between.

Either way, eat one more serving of fruits and veggies than you do currently, on a daily basis. These give you valuable vitamins and nutrients that can increase energy and metabolism.

4. Establish a Morning Ritual

There’s no need to begin a day groggy or stressed. You have control over how you go into the workday or weekend by establishing a morning ritual.

Your morning ritual could involve having a cup of tea and writing a few lines in your journal. It could mean reading your favorite book for five minutes or listening to a new song.

Having a ritual clears your mind for the day and will keep you grounded.

5. And A Nighttime Ritual

The same goes for the evening.

Give your body clear signals that it’s time for bed and winding down. Put away all electronic devices an hour before sleep, and calm your mind by drinking chamomile tea or reading.

6. Write a Personal Mission Statement

Looking for more purpose in your life? Craft your own mission statement. In just a few lines, write down what your current vision or purpose is.

It could be as simple as: It is my mission to own my power every day.

Write this on a post-it note and stick it somewhere prominent.

7. Start a Gratitude Practice

When it comes to self improvement tips, this is one of the most important.

States of gratitude in the body can lead to elevated mood, feelings of calm, and higher levels of empathy.

Change the path of your day by jotting down what you are grateful for each morning–it will only take a few minutes. The enjoy the positive effects on your relationships and physical health.

8. Incorporate Meditation

Meditating for just five minutes can reduce blood pressure, calm your mind, and deepen breathing patterns.

Begin the day with a short meditation practice, or build one into your lunch break at work.

9. Read for Ten Minutes A Day

So many Americans haven’t picked up a book in months or years. Yet reading activates critical neural pathways in the brain and can build new ones.

Try reading for at least ten minutes a day, whether it’s on your commute, before bed, or on a break.

10. Choose to Listen to a Negative Emotion

Burying negative emotions such as fear, pain, and anger can negatively impact your physical body and lead to emotional struggle in the future.

During your day, choose to listen to one negative emotion. Sit with your fear, for example. Acknowledge it and then let it move on.

11. Call A Friend

Personal engagement is a central aspect of happiness and well-being. Call up a friend on a weekly basis and just chat. Your friend will benefit and so will you.

12. Seek Out A Mentor

There are always things to learn. Find a mentor in an area that you are passionate about and engage with them regularly.

You’ll be able to get valuable experience and advice in the field you love, and your mentor will benefit from passing knowledge along.

13. Grow A Plant

Nurturing other life forms can foster deeper levels of empathy and self-understanding. You don’t need to go out and get a dog–buy a plant and care for it.

Better yet, plant one from a seed packet. Implement a watering routine and reap the benefits of fostering other growth.

14. Touch Nature

It can be easy to forget about trees and earth when we’re busy staring at screens and rushing from place to place. But engagement with nature can be profoundly healing.

On a daily basis, if possible, try to touch nature. Step barefoot onto the grass. Hug a tree. Sit by a pond. Walk in a forest.

15. Drink More Tea

Tea has amazing health benefits, particularly certain varieties. Especially if you drink a lot of caffeine, implement more tea into your drinking routine to reduce stress, lose weight, and fight illness.

Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life

We always have room to grow when it comes to self improvement. You can transform your life by implementing deliberate changes into your daily routine. Before you know it, you’ll be living and growing the life you’ve always dreamed of.

When it comes to self improvement tips, start by eliminating poor habits and implementing healthy rituals like morning and evening routines. Establish a gratitude practice, meditate, and engage with nature. Be conscious of negative emotions and write down a personal mission statement for motivation and drive.

At the end of the day, all self improvement begins with self-awareness.

At, you can find simple hacks and bright ideas that can continue to transform your life. We believe in the power of living simply and consciously.

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