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Rolling in the Concrete Jungle: How to Get Your Driver’s License in The Big Apple

When you think of driving in New York City you probably don’t see yourself behind the wheel.

However, driving in The Big Apple can be exciting if you’re prepared. Cruising the streets of Brooklyn late at night, escaping the city and driving up to Upstate New York, or simply commuting on your own time. 

If you want to get your New York State Driver’s License you’re going to need to know all of the rules and regulations beforehand. Laws for getting a driver’s license vary by state, so even if you think you’re familiar with the laws, it’s good to brush up before taking the next step.

If you’re ready to take the leap and start rolling around the Big Apple, read on for our extensive guide. 

Get a Learner Permit

Before we start, we should note that this guide is for your standard class D operator license. If you’re looking to get a class M motorcycle license check the DMV for guidelines.

The first step towards getting a license in New York is to get a learner permit. This process is going to be the most simple part of your journey.

To obtain a learner permit, you simply need to go to the DMV office, fill out an application form, and pass a 20-question written test. Once you receive your learner permit, it’s good for nearly five years! 

Take a Driving Course

Once you have your learner permit, you need to take a driving course before you can take your road test. New York requires either a five-hour Pre-Licensing course or a 48-hour Driver Education and Traffic Safety course. 

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If you’ve never driven before, it’s recommended that you take the 48-hour course. This course includes classroom learning and driving experience. A reputable driving school can tell you more about both courses and what’s right for you.  

Pass Your Road Test

Here’s the big one! If you’re finally ready to take on the streets of New York City, you need to pass your road test. 

First, schedule your test online through the DMV. The wait time is generally three to five weeks, but can be up to ten weeks during peak times. It’s recommended that you schedule as early as possible.

When you show up for the road test, make sure you bring your original Pre-licensing Course Certificate (MV-278) or Student Certificate of Completion (MV-285). In addition, a licensed driver over 21 needs to accompany you (how else would you get the car there?)

The car you’re using needs to have a valid registration and inspection. It also needs to operate well and be in a relatively clean condition, so put some air in those tires and clean out the fast food wrappers!

Making the Most of Your New York State Driver’s License

If you’ve done all of this, congrats! You’re the proud owner of a New York State driver’s license! But don’t stop there. Check out the rest of our site for more tips and life hacks.

We can even help you organize your garage to fit that car you’re licensed to drive! Stay safe, and happy driving!