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6 Vacation Hacks You Need for the Best Trip Ever

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, then you can’t miss this article!

Save your money and make the most of your precious vacation time with these tips and tricks.

Read on for the 6 vacation hacks you need for the best trip ever.

1. Save Money, Do More

This may seem obvious, but the more money you save, the more you’ll be able to do with your vacation budget. Be sure to check out discount apps like Groupon and Living Social for great deals on dining, excursions, and things to do.

Save your pennies on daytime dining and splurge on evening meals and local things to do. Also, skip the markup on traditional souvenirs and hit local shops for more worthwhile trinkets.

2. Do Your Research

Sure, vacation is supposed to be about spontaneity. But don’t let your precious vacation time go to waste with poor planning. Even a little hack like using SeatGuru to plan out your airplane seat in advance can mean a big difference.

It’s always good to know whether you can expect to have a USB plug on your seat, or if you’ll need to bring a power bank charger with you.

If you have a long layover, check out what amenities are offered by the airport. There are apps that will allow you to purchase entry to airline lounges.

The amenities of airline lounges differ, but many offer free food and showers. You’d be surprised at how good an airport shower can feel after a long flight! Travel-sized bottles filled with your favorite bath products can be just the kind of reboot your body needs.

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3. Get Free Wi-fi

Now that wi-fi (and in-flight wi-fi) has become an essential, here’s a guide to staying connected.

Some cell phone companies even offer free in-flight text messaging when you fly on select airlines. Check with your cell phone provider to see if they have this option. Be sure to ask about international billing plans if you’ll be traveling abroad.

If you’re on a layover and decide not to opt for an airport lounge pass, check out this free airport wi-fi password guide. Travel blogger Anil Polat compiled this free wi-fi guide and we can’t thank him enough!

4. In the Air

If you’re on a long flight, bringing the comforts of home in your carry-on can be the difference between arriving exhausted and arriving refreshed.

We like to pack a small comforter, headphones, extra napkins, essential oils, snacks, and hand sanitizer in our carry on. Small vacation hacks like this help start your trip on the right foot, especially if your travel companion is a fussy traveler.

5. Skip the Hotel

Once you arrive at your destination, do as the locals do. Don’t settle for a run of the mill hotel, instead opt for lodging from a home rental site like Elite Holiday Homes.

Renting a beautiful home will give you more space and a chance to experience the city without feeling like a tourist. Plus the amenities offered by home rentals are often unparalleled. Why go to the hotel pool, when you can have your own pool!

When in Rome, right?

6. Choose Your Company Wisely

This should go without saying, but picking the perfect vacation buddy is the ultimate travel hack. Even the closest of friends often find that they have vacation styles. You may imagine hitting as many museums, hikes, and activities you can and she may be imagining room service and breakfast in bed.

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Use the time leading up to your trip to plan a tentative itinerary together. This way, their won’t be any vacation disputes to worry about once you arrive!

Online Vacation Hacks: Click Back and Relax

Vacation hacks are only the beginning. The more planning you do, the better time you’ll have. Reading online reviews can help you decide where to go and what to do, so be sure to download online travel apps to help you make decisions.

Bonus Vacation Hack: the Trip Advisor app has a handy address converter if you find yourself in a country that uses nonalphanumeric characters. (This is a lifesaver if traveling to China or Japan!)

So click back and relax and explore more great vacation hacks!