Private Jets

Fly in Style: 4 Advantages to Using Private Jets

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, waiting in the airport is by far the most annoying and drawn-out waiting time on either end of your trip. Plus, you don’t love being squished in a tube with so many other people.

Especially during a pandemic, flying has become more nerve-wracking than ever. With second lockdowns looming in some countries, people are flying to second homes and to warmer climates where they can stay away from the chaos.

If you’re wanting to escape, but are wary of flying commercially, consider the option of chartering private jets.

It’s not as expensive as it used to be, and there are lots of benefits to enjoying a private jet besides attempting to avoid COVID-19. Keep reading to learn more about the private jet experience.

More Flexibility to Fly

A private jet charter allows you to schedule when you want to leave, so you can finish your workday and actually have time to pack before heading to the airport.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting to the airport hours early to get through security because private jets have a separate terminal. You’ll also be able to avoid the long layovers that often happen when flying to farther destinations.

Chartering a private jet is the ultimate kind of no-lines no-waiting for flying. Get where you’re going and then enjoy yourself.

Get There Faster

Private jets can also arrive at your destination quicker than commercial planes. While commercial jets are assigned to specific flying routes, private jet pilots are not.

By flying whatever route they choose, your pilot can help you more directly arrive at your destination. You won’t have to worry about waiting for customs and immigration if you’re flying to another country, you can skip that part and get right into your trip.

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It sounds like it’s time to look into purchasing a jet card for yourself, and maybe the family, too. Before you do, make sure you check this post for a little more information.

Comfort and Privacy

Avoiding the stuffy and crowded planes with no leg room and subpar dining options can be a thing of the past if you opt for a private jet rental.

You’ll have plenty of space to lounge and relax, and you can expand your food and beverage options beyond microwaved crackers and cheap wine.

Take the Whole Family

Another great benefit of traveling in a private jet is the ability to take the whole family with you, including your pets.

They can hang out with you in the spacious cabin and you won’t have to worry about the transportation nightmares that can occur when traveling with pets.

Benefits of Private Jets

Flying in private jets might be a bit more of an investment, but once you do it you won’t want to go back to commercial flying. You deserve a trip that is truly stress-free, flight and all.

Consider a private jet charter for your next flight, and enjoy all the wonderful perks that come along with it.

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