5 Incredibly iPad Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Your Device

The iPad can’t possibly get any better, right?

Stylish and portable, your iPad operates as both your workstation and entertainment center. You use it to browse the internet, type documents, watch movies, and play games! Surely it has reached peak efficiency?


Turns out, your iPad is full of hidden features that most people aren’t even aware of. These features help you customize your iPad to suit your lifestyle.

To save you time, we’ve created a list of the 5 best iPad tips that’ll make your device even easier to use! 

Trackpad Mode

Tablets are so much more convenient than laptops. You can practically take over the world with just a few swipes of your finger.

Occasionally though, when editing documents, our clumsy fingers get in the way. This is where the secret trackpad comes in handy.

To enable trackpad mode, press down on the spacebar button until all the keys go grey. Trackpad mode will stay active as long as you hold your finger down. This enables you to scroll through text and navigate documents with ease.

Text Shortcuts

Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again? Try setting up text shortcuts.

This allows you to assign a text replacement to a long block of text. So if you typed “*meeting” for example, your prewritten paragraph explaining that you are in a meeting will be pasted into the message box.

To enable this feature, go to settings > general > keyboards.

Split Keyboard

The conventional iPad keyboard can be difficult to use when you have nothing to lean against.

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To remedy this, Apple has implemented a split keyboard option.

As the name suggests, this splits the keyboard, moving each half to the bottom corners of the screen. From here, you can operate the keyboard with your thumbs, much the same as you do on your mobile phone!

To activate this function, go to settings > general > keyboard. Ensure that the ‘split keyboard’ option is turned on. Then, go back to your desired app, place one finger on each side of the keyboard, and pull them apart to split it.

Split View

Most of us think we know how to use an iPad, but did you know you can use two apps at once?

Split View is Apple’s answer to multitasking. This function splits the screen, allowing you to view and use two apps side by side.

Now you can view travel blogs in one tab and search for hotels in the other window!

To enable this option, drag an app from your Dock up onto your main screen. It will immediately open in a new window, next to the first app you were using.  

The Split View feature also allows you to view two websites at the same time in Safari. View this iPad tutorial to learn more!


One area where iPads fall flat is the limited number of ports available. You can buy a hub to fix this, but most hubs don’t protect the iPad and often drain the battery.

This is where the Hubble by Fledging saves the day. The Hubble wraps your phone in a beautiful aluminum case, providing vital ports and protection, without sacrificing beauty.  

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Back this clever project on Kickstarter by searching “Hubble for iPad”.

iPad Tips That’ll Wow Your Friends

Whether you use your iPad for work or entertainment, these nifty iPad tips will have you tapping and swiping away like a pro.

Show these tips to your friends too, you’ll look like a real tech genius!

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