Keeping Calm: 4 Simple Hacks for Calming Anxiety

40 million American adults suffer from anxiety, making it the most common mental illness in the country.

Anxiety can come in many forms: generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, test anxiety, panic attacks, and more. But one thing is universal when it comes to anxiety: it hits you hard and can be difficult to stop in its tracks.

If you suffer from any form of anxiety, you know how difficult calming anxiety can be. Oftentimes, it may even feel impossible.

But that’s just your anxiety talking.

With the right tools and preparation, you can calm your anxiety, even when it’s at its worst. Here are some simple hacks you can use when anxiety hits.

1. Focus on Your Breathing

When anxiety hits, your heart rate increases and your breathing quickens. This actually causes anxiety to hit you even harder because your body feels as though it is in fight or flight mode.

When you start to feel anxiety creep into your mind, start focusing on your breath. Take a deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Focus on how it feels to breathe.

This hack will tell your brain and body that everything is okay and your anxiety will start to dissipate. 

2. Question Your Thoughts

Anxiety brings about irrational thoughts. One irrational thought leads to a string of thoughts that make you feel even more anxious. If you fall into anxiety’s trap and start believing every worrisome thought that creeps up, your anxiety will get worse.

Instead, start questioning the thoughts that are making you feel anxious. You will start to realize that you are overthinking and causing yourself anxiety. 

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Make sure you do this without judgment. Don’t get upset with yourself for having irrational thoughts. Instead, focus on your strength and ability to get past those thoughts.

3. Try Using CBD

CBD is believed to help people who suffer from different forms of anxiety, making it a great preventative measure for combating anxiety. If you start to feel anxiety creep in, you can take CBD oil or eat a CBD gummy to calm your mind. 

Make sure you are using quality CBD so you can get the best results. Check out this blog for info on what to look for when buying CBD.

4. Use Your Senses

When you’re in the midst of an anxiety or panic attack, you can feel separate from reality, as if you’re falling into a black hole of negative thoughts. When this happens, it’s important to pull yourself back to earth.

You can do this by using all five of your senses. The next time an anxiety attack hits, try using this exercise:

  • Notice five things around you that you can see
  • Note four sounds around you that you can hear
  • Find three things around you that you can feel
  • Try to notice two different things you can smell
  • Find something near you that you can taste

This exercise will force you to focus on your immediate surroundings and pull you out of the negative thought patterns that your anxiety has caused. 

Calming Anxiety Is Possible with These Hacks

The next time anxiety hits, know that you can overcome it. Calming anxiety is possible now that you know how to react to your anxious thoughts and emotions.

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