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How To Get Free Domain Names For Your Personal Websites

Building your own personal website is one of best ways to gain exposure for your services, products, or brand. Blogs, ecommerce; everything in today’s day and age needs a website.

If the internet is the next frontier (you could argue current) for marketing yourself then websites are the backbone of that opportunity. Strong websites capture readers attention and draw them into your brand.

But websites aren’t cheap, and at the beginning stages of anything, it’s likely that money is short and time is shorter. Luckily, there are a number of easy ways to get free domain names for your website.

Let’s take a look at how to get free domains for your website.

Why Domains Cost Money

So right away we’re talking about money when discussing something that’s supposedly free. The fact is, nothing comes free, and everyone has their price.

Domains work the same way.

While only the creativity of the English language and theoretically a limited amount of character combinations (which is almost infinite if we included other languages and symbols) limits the options for domains, those that are actually viable number only so many.

Thus, companies who’re selling domains are really just offering domains on behalf of the central domain server maintained by a group known as Network Solutions.

Paying for Hosting

Now that we’ve established that domains always cost something, we can start looking at how to get free domains that don’t include covering the upfront cost of the domain in question.

Hosting fees are the first way to grab a free domain. Companies that host websites on their servers commonly provide domain names.

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Take TecnoWeb, for instance. In exchange for paying the fees to host your website, you’ll also get a free domain name.


Subdomains took off in popularity thanks to the persistence of hosting companies that monthly fees would vary based on your bandwidth needs. Providers like WordPress and other similar platforms started offering domains that included their own branding within the domain name.

For example, While it does constitute a free domain name, it’s also not the best for ranking within the Google SERPs.


Advertisements round out our list of the best ways to get free domains. Many companies will provide you with a domain for free with the catch that they’ll show their own advertisements (or paid third parties) on your website.

This is less than desirable if you’re trying to build your own brand. It’s hard to build an image when a third party has the ability to cloud that image with their own advertisements.

Get Free Domains Summed Up

Nothing is actually free, and domain names are no different. However, choosing from the above options can get you close to a free domain. We personally recommend companies that support domains through hosting fees.

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