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Quantum Healing: Is Our Subconscious Strong Enough to Heal Us?

Do you want to fix your now? You may have to go back a couple years. Actually more than that – a couple lifetimes.

Quantum healing is a technique that helps us heal our current life by looking into our past ones. Yes, it’s very mystical – but there’s a whole school of people that believe in it.

If you think about the resources on our earth – you know that they’re finite. So why would each soul only have one use?

Souls are recycled and they hold on to knowledge from past lives. That’s what quantum healing therapy practitioners believe. They help the everyday person tap into their soul’s gathered knowledge.

Learn more about the hypnotic process below.

Who Came Up With Quantum Healing?

Dolores Cannon wasn’t always a mystical hypnosis queen. She was an everyday American teenager who grew up in St. Louis Missouri.

Born in 1931, she saw a great number of changes in the US society and energy. She married her husband in the 50’s and raised a family.

She came upon hypnosis when she was trying to stop smoking, which was common practice at the time. It wasn’t until 8 years later that she thought about the idea of reincarnation.

It was actually in the middle of a session where she was helping a fellow Navy wife that the subject came up.

Out of nowhere, this woman described five different people – not just described, her voice and memories became them. That’s when Cannon realized that we can remember our past lives.

That’s not to say the lightbulb snapped on immediately, she thought it was strange but decided to explore what the woman was saying.

And thank goodness she did. They kept meeting with this woman, her and her husband and were able to guide her through all her past lives – up to the creation of her soul.

There’s a book about this encounter, called Five Lives Remembered.

This was the 1960’s. None of this was heard of yet. Most Americans were good God-fearing Christians that didn’t believe in past lives. That’s how Dolores and her husband were raised. But they felt like they were on to something.

The Development of the Technique

So, after that first fateful encounter, Dolores and her husband who’d suffered very bad injuries in a car crash took his pension and went to work on their technique.

In the hills of Arkansas (affordability, people) Dolores began to look into past lives more and more. She read everything she could find on reincarnation.

Her clients in this time had a very intensive experience. After they told her all about their past lives, Dolores would take time to do extensive research on the authenticity of what they were saying.

Shockingly (or not) all of it usually lined up. The clients would use terminology, reference events, and describe living in a different time. You could call this mental time travel.

She kept practicing this mental time travel translation and gathering data. She wrote more books and did more research/sessions through the 80’s and 90’s. She was understanding things now.

More books were written and more stories were told. It wasn’t until the later years where she and her daughter realized that you can heal your current self by working through issues in your past life.

That’s what they teach now at their academy, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.

Now that we’ve learned about the mother of all this, let’s talk about what actually happens during a session, and why someone would go through the trouble.

To do that, we need to break down some concepts that QHH revolves around.

What is the Subconscious?

When a quantum healing practitioner describes the subconscious, they’re not talking about dreams. The QHH definition of the subconscious goes deeper than that. It’s like the sub-sub-sub-conscious.

To reach it, you have to find the layer of consciousness that remembers past lives. For most of us, that’s only possible in a hypnotic state. If you’ve never been in a hypnotic state, it’s like the dreamy feeling you have right before you fall asleep or wake up.

This is the only time that we can suppress our modern teaching and awareness enough to reach back into time.

Other people and religions refer to this state or being as the higher consciousness or the oneness with the universe.

It’s a hard state to tap into – but the QHH professionals believe you’ll be happy if you do.

This state of being knows all the answers to everything. Everything about your current life and your past life. There are no questions it cannot answer or moral dilemmas it doesn’t know the answer to.

How Does the Subconscious Help Us Heal?

Well, since we can’t tap into our subconscious on our own, we need someone else to talk to it for us. When a professional contacts this all-knowing state, they can find answers for us that would take years of thinking, in seconds.

If you’re having issues from a disease that doctors can’t figure out, your subconscious knows what’s causing it. You just have to ask.

Once you know what the root of the problem is, you can start to address it. The only problem is, the root may be in a past life. Remember how we talked about the idea that souls accumulate wisdom?

They accumulate pain and suffering too.

So if you wake up from a hypnotic session to have your practitioner tell you they found the answer, but only the person you were in 1204 can answer it, what can you do?

Your current mind can think about it – but it will never get the full information. For that, you have to talk to and work with the person in 1204.

To do that, practitioners initiate or inspire past life regression.

What is Past Life Regression?

It’s basically time travel. Stick with us – remember that the idea of gravity holding everything down was hard to wrap your mind around at first too.

Past life regression is what happened to the Navy wife that first session when Dolores had no idea what was happening. It’s not unlike the changes people go through when they experience different personas in multiple personality disorder.

We’re not saying that past life regression is an illness – we’re simply using that as an example. When people switch personas with personality disorders, they become other people.

Their physical features don’t change, but the way they speak, hold themselves, and conduct conversation does. That’s how it works when someone regresses to a past life version of themselves.

When they’re in this “regressed” state, the practitioner can ask them about the time in question. Or, they can just chat, as Dolores did with French Philosopher Nostradamus.

Over multiple sessions, the practitioner can get to know the past selves and pass on the answers they gave to your current self.

So – Is it Real or Not?

We’ll admit. We’re usually very open thinkers, but mental time travel is a lot to wrap your head around.

So take a deep breath and think for a minute. Do you believe in past lives? Even the possibility of them? If you don’t, there’s no need to read the rest of this article.

If you do believe in past lives – is the idea that they have something to tell us really that wild? For us, that part wasn’t hard to grasp. Why wouldn’t other and past worldly experiences have answers for our day to day lives?

If you want to run your initial thoughts by a practitioner, view here to find your options.

It’s like not opening a book that you know might have the meaning of life in it (42 and thanks for all the fish).

Where to Start

Hitchhickers Guide to The Universe references aside, it’s not possible to grasp the whole idea behind QHH at once. If you’re curious about it and want to learn more, start by reading one of Dolores’ books.

Starting at the beginning with her first encounter with past lives “Five Lives Remembered” is a good place to start.

If that book makes you believe more in the concept, then try the second book or watching videos of practitioners explaining concepts.

Once you, yourself have a little faith in the concepts, try out a session. Most practitioners welcome you to use your own devices to make sure you’re safe and nothing happens during hypnosis.

If you like or found value in the first session, go back for a second. Disclaimer: even with traditional therapy, revelations usually take more than one session.

You never know – it could change your life. For us on the other hand, we need to do some more exploration into the quantum healing ideas. We’ll be sure to let you know what we’ve learned!

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